Kayfabe things that make you angry

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  1. Post any kayfabe things that annoy you. For example I despise selfish heels being able to tag with another heel just because he's a heel.

    I also hate it that most main-events heels would interfere but none of them will interfere in Rock vs Cena at Wrestlemania (kayfabe best chance to get noticed)

  2. When a heel looks like he's going to fight a face who's in the ring, so he'll take his jacket / coat off charge to the ring then walk away. No idea why but that pisses me off. Also how the WMD is allowed but closed fists aren't usually.
  3. When a wrestler offers his hand, and the heel declines -.-'
  4. How a surprise return is a surprise to everyone but the music technician.
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  5. Or when someone is coming out to make a save they stop by to give the sound guy a 10 second warning.
  6. So fucking true.
  7. I hate the fact that all heels, at least most of them, are portrayed as being cowardly.
  8. That's not kayfabe :emoji_slight_smile:
  9. I misinterpreted it... Sorry, lol!
  10. Haha no worries :emoji_slight_smile:

    Another one of mine would be heel announcers strictly going for heels and vice-versa.
  11. Everybody has a video package ready to roll.
  12. I love everything about kayfabe
  13. Former rivals teaming up because they're on the same side of the fence. Really, Sheamus, you and Orton were destroying each other a year ago! Why are you tagging like nothing happened?

    And when people have to sell moves that are easily avoidable, to an extent. You obviously need a lot of this, but running into the Khali chop and the setup into the 619 are just over-the-top.
  14. Running back at someone after they throw you into the rope.
  15. I guess the only thing that really annoys me is when a wrestler turns heel to face, they usually completely ignore any bad shit they did as a heel. For example, when Austin and Rock were building up their WM19 encounter, they mentioned that Austin had two victories over The Rock, but would not mention the massive beat down Austin gave The Rock with a steel chair and the fact that he joined Vince McMahon in the process. It's somewhat understandable, but still, I'm a fan of continuity. At least when Orton turned babyface in 2010, it was brought up that Orton once attacked Triple H's family and that he still doesn't care for Triple H.
  16. Yeah I was pleased they did that with Orton, he also has made multiple references that he still hates Cena. Quite cool.

    Another one, the ref's getting distracted the same way all the fucking time.
  17. Adding onto the point about refs why do they get knocked over for an hour by a small gust of wind?
  18. Because they're "so much weaker".

    Hate it when referees sometimes see the titantron and reverse decisions (see Miz' reign) but other weeks it's completely fine.
  19. And then bending over and getting kicked in the face.
  20. how short lived their title reigns can be *Christian's World title*
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