News Kaz gone

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, May 11, 2014.

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  1. Pwinsider.
  2. Gotta open up the funds to sign Kenneth Cameron.

  3. Bad Attitude? :dafuq:
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  4. Kaz Miller?:blackshock:

    Seriously though, I hate to see him go, but he was being held back. I'm sure he'll do just as the report says and reunite with Daniels as "Bad Attitude"(we need a Meltzer emoticon).
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  5. Kaz vs AJ Styles for the X-Division Championship in like 2004 was the first match I ever saw in TNA..
    He will definitely be missed and I hope he remains around the wrestling circuit for a few more years at least.
  6. Idiots let another great talent go away. Good job you clueless fucks in Nashville

    TNA 2014 is SO MUCH a different company than the TNA we've known for years now. That statement by a fan I read in January seems to be more true every day now "TNA, by the end of 2014, will be unrecognizable"
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  7. There's still a couple familiar faces over the past few years that have multi-year deals left if I'm not mistaken; you would know better than me so if I'm wrong feel free to correct.

    But yeah it will definitely feel "overhauled" and "reimagined" for the most part. Also I suppose there comes a time where you have to get younger and try to bring in newer people and make them as popular as the people getting let go we will miss so there will be a fan base for them in the future rather than just a bunch of dudes in their early--mid 40s trying to carry the franchise.
  8. Unless they're going to be a tag team on the independent circuit, I sadly don't see much of a future in Kaz. Maybe moreso with Daniels, as Daniels is in his 40s and hitting the age where retirement should be on his mind. Nonetheless, bad to see him gone, yet they can keep Sanada, a great talent, but only there to use TNA as something where he gained kayfabe success in the US instead of getting over and then getting success.
  9. Yeah Daniels is like 43 or 44 I believe, definitely should be considering retirement especially with how he's wrestled over his career who knows how much movement he has left in him before something goes wrong. Kaz being 36 gives him a few years maybe to do something on a small scale in an indy circuit but yeah I don't see him getting too much buzz behind him as a singles competitor outside of TNA.
  10. Bad Influence will be working as a team on the independents, Daniels says.

    And so if Daniels is 43? He's in great fucking shape. Kurt Angle is the same age, and yet he looks like a disaster and will has had ANOTHER knee surgery.

    Daniels has 5-6 GOOD yrs left in him, and he himself said he has zero thoughts directed into retirement as long as he delivers and wrestles regularly (and he will).
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  11. Still, when a guy's 44, and he still thinks he can wrestle good, I don't doubt him. But there's the natural course of aging which I believe will hinder him at some point. Do I doubt that Daniels has the talent and ability to still be a great wrestler for a while? No, but I think at some point his body will catch up to him.
  12. Well, this sucks. It's awful to see talented guys go like this. Perhaps they're going to ROH now? :yay:
  13. A Ring of Honor with Daniels and Kaz is definitely a Ring of Honor that I want to watch.
  14. Gonna miss that theme song :cry:

    What am I going to listen to whilst drinking my appletinis now @GrammarNazi82 ?
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  15. WHAT THE HOLY GRAIL OF FUCKING SHIT ARE THEY DOING IN TNA?! Are they throwing darts ib a board to see who to keep and who to fire? Because this bullshit seems like it. Hope Kaz goes somewhere good, but goddamn it TNA.
  16. So damn great Test, you are 100% on.

    There are a few good players who prove age doesnt mean anything, and next to them are hundreds of others who have just pushed through it for the extra cash - wasnt Terry Funk rocking at 65+? I get it isn't the same but you cant tell me if you didnt wiki or google Daniels or even Kaz for their age, you would put them right where they were.
    Thanks for knowing something we all know is common sense. Someday he wont be in as great of shape and will have to retire. The fuck does that have to do with today?
    Sadly i love it all, BI was a jobber team everyone loved but no one would have cared about after winning another tag belt. They could split and run a group like Evolution in TNA or (really I am not kidding) WWE, granted their feuds work with other teams.
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  17. Aids will you read before you speak? I literally said he'll be fine for now, but eventually, and I'm estimating within 4 years, he'll retire.
  18. I know! :upset:
  19. They should've kept them around until they retire (they're TNA guys, plus they look like they're 30) or have them go out by putting over a big new tag team. Would it have killed them to do The Wolves vs Bad Influence in a Loser Leaves TNA match? MVP could've put this on a special event, where he wins either way. The Wolves leave if they lose, Bad Influence who could piss him off in the build-up would leave if they lose. He could also book it to make sure Bad Influence do everything they possibly can to win, so his old buddies are out.
  20. Can NOT get on the Kaz band wagon no matter how much I don't try.
    However, Daniels is a genius with theatrics and Kaz is an extremely high quality worker
    Having no high-end hands to work your important events is risky, then again TNA has never been averse to taking stupid risks

    Given TNA's age and WWE's ratings themselves (think deflation as a whole), they're not that bad off
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