Keep Eva Marie out of that ring my god

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  1. Keep Eva Marie out of that ring my god that was horrible why the hell did she have her first Raw match last night? she hasent even trained that much. That girl should be in NXT full time not on the main roster when shes not even ready. Also its an insult to Paige who is ready for the main roster yet she is stuck in NXT being wasted while this Eva Marie is getting air time on the main roster that is so fucked up
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  3. She had one match, and she's had months of training. Paige isn't being wasted. She is developing to go the top of the divas division. IT'S NOT LIKE EVA MARIE GOT A DIVAS TITLE MATCH!
  4. She sucks though, that's the point. Your first match your suppose to make a impact and show everybody how good you are, not flop like the way Eva Marie did.
  5. How about that ring attire. Was that atrocious or what? Ugh.
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  6. I think Eva Marie should strip AJ of the title and strip her down naked. Then everyone can spank her butt, and all the men can like spit on her and ejaculate on her exposed butt. Kind of like a circle jerk, but not a circle, just Vince McMahon moderating a huge queue of guys waiting to bust a nut on her. To speed things up, tag teams get to ejaculate simultaneously.

    Darren Young is excused from this angle.
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  7. 3 pieces of punctuation? :damn:

    Can't wait for the NXT girls to get called up either, will be great seeing them in under 2 minute 10 woman tag matches where you can't recognize anyone, nor care.
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  8. THERE IS NO GOD!!! :angry:

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  9. But...but...but...she's so hot.
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  10. She's prettier than Barbie, and i'm not talking to the doll you asshole.
  11. Meh
  12. I hate to admit it, because its colored, but the hair helps for me. I loooove those redheads man. :gusta:
  13. But her face is so....ashy
  14. She looks like a bunch of toothpicks put together, then someone bled on the top of them.
  15. :mog:
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  16. Yeah it was really fucked up. I think the worst part of that whole post is people spitting on her lol. I don't even know why. What is it with porn nowadays and all of that degrading shit? They're always slapping girls and spitting and shit.

    Gotta keep it real with 1980's porn. The chicks have huge bushes, sure, but hey at least it's just straight up boning.
  17. Barbie was better than Eva in her first matches on ECW. Eva needs to get the hell off tv and let Paige debut she is the womens wrestler that WWE should be focusing on
  18. Kelly Kelly could go.

  19. I think it's interesting as fuck. It adds more excitement, it's a GTA setting. 1 star? Time for a spanking. 2 stars? Time for the paddle! 3! time to get the whip! 4 stars??? Better kiss my boots and forget not being cuffed. 5 stars? Time for some publicity. Made it to 6 stars? Time to get bounded in public and whipped and banged by random strangers.
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