Keep Ryback tweener.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Oct 14, 2012.

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  1. The one thing I love about Ryback at the moment is the fact he's not really a face or a heel, he's just a dominant force who wants to consume all his opponents :lol1:.

    But anyway, I'm personally hoping Ryback interacts with Cena showing Cena that he doesn't care about him and that he could be next on the list of people he wants to beat, I like the edge that Ryback has. I'm hoping they don't actually align them and have Ryback look like he respects Cena.

    Maybe this is a pointless rant but I'm tired of smiley babyfaces being nice to other babyfaces, WWE needs one badass only in it for himself type face and Ryback fits the bill. Discuss.
  2. Well, I think that'll happen. I think Ryback will still be his tweener who gets face pops self by beating the crap out of everyone for a long time, that's what one would expect given the way he's been booked so far.
  3. I totally agree.

    I'd love to see Ryback smash both faces and heels, no matter who they are.

    But it is WWE logic to turn Ryback babyface, it's just the way they roll.
  4. Agree with everything in this thread, I would much prefer Ryback been a tweener.
  5. Not even, Ryback is face. He's not a glitter spewing fairy like Cena (or literally The Rock), but he's been beating up heels (aside from the locals). I wouldn't call Ryback a tweener at all
  6. Not really sure what he does that is faceish though tbh.
  7. When JR was getting kicked out by Punk, he came down to escort him back to the announcers table
  8. Because he had beef with Punk. He stared down Cena the next week when he walked down. He isn't face or heel, he's Ryback. Not a face or a heel = tweener pretty much.
  9. Forgot about the Cena stare down. Point taken
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