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Just a couple of big dudes bonding over being big.

A cool thing about pro wrestling is watching different generations come together over a common cause. Kevin Nash was down in Orlando this week and he struck up a friendship with current NXT star Keith Lee.

Wonder what they talked about? Lee giving Nash moonsault tips or Big Sexy teaching Limitless how to really spike a powerbomb? Both, definitely both.

You honor me! And thank you much for the time and knowledge. Absolute appreciation. Kevin Nash on Twitter

— Exceptional Lee (@RealKeithLee) November 14, 2019
Lee would also give a shout out to Medium Sexy aka Scott Hall.

Big shoutout to @RealKevinNash and @SCOTTHALLNWO. Your advice has been impactful and most appreciated.

— Exceptional Lee (@RealKeithLee) November 14, 2019
Just over here fantasy booking time travel scenarios that enable Keith Lee to link up with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash in the nWo Wolfpac.

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