Kelly Kelly and Ace!

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  1. [​IMG]

    Sexi sexi, untz untz.
  2. She probably still owes him some blowjobs from when he was running shit
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  3. Some buttseks too.
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  4. Looking like a whore as per.
  5. Off topic: Laughing @ Ryan's sig.
  6. Kelly Kelly is just there to fuck on the plane when he's bored.
  7. love you albin. Kellykelly has a job for a reason. She gives jobs.
  8. Kelly is awesome you guys need to show her respect you cant prove shes a slut the bellas was with a different star every month and no one Dissed them
  9. You got that around the wrong foot. The Bellas were in stable relationships through their wwe runs. Kelly slept with 10 different superstars in 2 months and thats a fact.
  10. BrockLesnarFan4Life...... is that you?
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  11. randy made a joke u cant prove that true. Dont beleave what you hear or read
  12. When multiple people state it then I'd say it's pretty true.
  13. Kelly Kelly being a slut is pretty much an open secret, just like kayfabe. It's not official, but everyone and their grandmas know about it. :dawg:
  14. This is just disgusting.
  15. And your point in posting this photo OP???

    Seriously there two colleagues having a conversation nothing wrong with that. Maybe Johnny is actually negotiating with Kelly Kelly on her contract and arranging a lighter schedule for her to do

    People on here grow up and stop assuming whats happening between them with your dirrty minds. Kelly Kelly has been in relationship with Sheldon Souray for a year and a half
  16. :true:
  17. I agree with this...


    Triple H is the Vice President of Talent relations, surely if she wanted a lighter schedule she would have to see him.
  18. Well then since Johnny is no longer in charge of talent then obviously him and Kelly Kelly were just chatting
  19. :haha: Chatting. We all know she's getting some people power in her mouth.
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  20. Farooq, I'm following you around the forum, because I know you're going to post something that is "Like" worthy... :emoji_grin:amn:
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