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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dat Kid, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. Since she's not a wrestler anymore I'll put her thread here in the locker room. I wanted to talk about my favorite diva and greatest WWE diva of all time Kelly Kelly. So this thread is for all Kelly Kelly news. If you even find out the slightest thing such as "kelly kelly scratching her armpits, kelly kelly getting an abortion, or kelly kelly getting vaginal cream" post it here cause everyone on WWEF loves Kelly Kelly. I wish I could drink Kelly Kelly's bath water, I love her so much. I just get orgasms out of my asshole just from thinking about her AARRHGG!!! KELLY KELLLLY!!!!! :aries:
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  2. I hate you for this.
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. :joey:
  5. Dat BLFFL?

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  6. Would bang if it wasn't for her (more than likely) giant vagina.

    Eh fuck it, I'd shove it up her bunghole :obama:
    Wait, that's probably stretched out too :okay:
  7. Do her armpits..oh wait that might be stretched out as well
  8. Do her in the mouth oh wait.
  9. This made the Diva's division a bit worse imo.

  10. Kelly kelly carried the divas division on her back :gtfo:
  11. That wasnt the only thing going in the back
  12. Fixed :jeritroll:
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  13. Hey, it's not my fault that you get horny every time you see her ass.
  14. Lol thought this was a BLFFL thread.
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  15. Rofl, I wonder how many times she was ''on her back'' though to get that Diva's championship..
  16. She was tasty though. Just depends if the STD's were worth the one night in Kelly.
  17. Am I the only person here besides BLFFL (well, I guess she's not here anymore) who doesn't mind Kelly Kelly?
  18. She sucks as a wrestler. I'd say she's just a pretty face but I don't believe that, either. She's way too skinny, her legs are like twigs and she has no arse. How is that hot? I prefer a girl with a nice, chunky arse, like Layla or Naomi. Mmm.
  19. Yes
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