Kelly Kelly granted "time off" - May not return.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 6, 2012.

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  2. I like Kelly.
  3. Inb4 massive debate/flame war occurs.
  4. Ive literally just read this now and I am really sad :emoji_slight_frown: shes taking a break and that theres no return date said so she may end up leaving. So gutted right now :emoji_slight_frown: she is my all time favourite diva. I do understand though that she needs a break to rest up and spend time with her boyfriend and family. She been on the road constantely since 2006 her debut year and she was only 19 years old at the time she now 25 years old thats along time to be working the heavy WWE schedule. I hope she does return when shes ready and comes back better than ever. Will miss Kelly Kelly alot Raw wont be the same without her she is the diva that gets the most reaction no other diva comes close to getting her reaction. Please dont put any hate messages in this thread
  5. At least Brock is returning soon, that's someone you mark for :emoji_slight_smile:.

    I'll refrain from the inevitable jokes that will occur, she has been a loyal servant for WWE and is the most over (besides Kharma maybe).
  6. there's only one thing i can say about this, and its the same thing Kelly says as she getting a train run on her by everyone in the locker room
  7. I doubt my opinion is popular, however I think Kelly is an awesome wrestler.
  8. She is an awesome wrestler. She had no experience when she was hired and was just a model and look at her now she is a fully trained wrestler. She still has alot to give in WWE and I hope she returns
  9. You are using the term 'fully trained' very loosely.

    She is horrible.

    I hope she never returns, needless to say.
  10. Just because she is athletic doesn't make her a good wrestler. Have you seen here matches? she can't even run the ropes for fuck's sake. That's wrestling 101
  11. Keep it civil noobs.
  12. If you honestly think Kelly Kelly is an 'awesome' wrestler than I cannot respect your opinion on any subject that is wrestling related.
  13. Put it into perspective. She's one of the best little diva wrestlers in the WWE. Natalya, Beth.. Tamina, they're better, but Kelly's very athletic and a good seller. :tough:
  14. Guuuyyyyssss :((
  15. :upset:
  16. none of her moves look even remotely realistic. she puts as much force into her moves as an old man trying to have sexual intercourse
  17. She's the worst diva wrestler on the roster, which is saying a lot.
  18. I hope she has a good life. I would like to see her come back, but not hold the Diva's title. I'm sorry if anybody is offended by that, but I just don't think she really has the skills to hold the title.
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  19. :haha:

    AJ isn't that great, neither is Maxine.
  20. Lovely post :emoji_slight_smile:
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