Kelly Kelly's return.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 19, 2012.

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  2. So is this like the Matt Morgan situation? Her having to work off some dates before being allowed to leave (Morgan left TNA for good. KK for extended vacation).
  3. OMG yay you have no idea how happy this have made me. #FuckOffHoe.
  4. This is what I want to do to her.....
  5. She'll be giving handys backstage. #kellykellytrends4facials.
  6. Raw is saved.
  7. Kelly Kelly is a beauty.
  8. OK then. Not that it'll make a big difference or anything.
  9. OMG!!!!!!!!!! yessssssssssss please let her return next week :emoji_slight_smile: I really miss her
  10. Seems you are the only one though. From what I've checked most of the internet went into a depression when they heard it :true:
  11. This is the best news ive heard today
  12. You too, huh? #ThanksMick
  13. Lmao :yay:

    I bet the guys who don't know Ambrose just think you're some random Foley hater.
  14. #foleyisgod.
  15. Kelly Kelly's return will be big
  16. Yeah I expect many return vignettes.
  17. Bigger than the US landing on the moon in 69 I reckon
  18. Interesting how Kelly Kelly is featured twice on the Summerslam 2012 advert I think shes gonna do something big at that PPV. Last year at Summerslam she was defending her divas title against Beth and retained her divas title

    ^^^ Kelly Kelly vs Beth Summerslam 2011

    WWE obviously must have plans for Kelly Kelly on this years Summerslam as they wouldnt of put her on the advert twice if they didnt plan to use her

    ^^^ Summerslam 2012 advert