KellyKelly must have been backstage for raw (helping complete the threads)

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Nobody, Jul 26, 2012.

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  1. KellyKelly must have been in the back doing what she does best, Divas champ at hand and blow "job"s. The reason she wasn't allowed on TV?? Because There was already a huge whore in a scene with HHH. Anyone else agree. thoughts?
  2. Why didn't I think of that?? It's so obvious! Of course that's what happened!
  3. Kelly Kelly is not a slut. She is a nice girl who has respect for herself. She is also respected by everyone backstage
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  4. :true: She was, Mark Henry didn't come out because she was pleasing him.
  5. You must be backstage a lot to know what goes on. You think AJ banged vince but kellykelly stayed classy? her first angle was stripper. She is a sleeze, and got where she is by giving it up. We can both speculate, it's safe to assume more people here agree with me than do you. KellyKelly will sextape well before AJ, isnt there pics of her whoring it up online?
  7. 110% AGREE!
  8. Dude. It is well known that Kelly was the locker room mattress.
  9. God you people are annoying
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  10. :lol1:

    Trolling successful, but it's not hard to troll the fans of a diva who botched taking off her bra on her debut.
  11. Orton, Punk, Jericho, how many others have done Kelly?
  12. Don't forget Melina, she was a hoe too.
  13. I'm speculating Dave gave her a few Batista Bombs during his time. Gabriel and Test are others she's dated as well I think.
  14. If Cena hasn't taken a swing at that I don't know who
  15. Kelly Kelly is a slut, IMO.
    Stephanie McMahon is hot.
  16. I want to see kelly kelly get batista bombed
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