Ken Shamrock Calls CM Punk A “Spoiled Brat,” Claims Triple H Doesn’t Like Him

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    Former WWE Superstar and UFC Hall Of Famer Ken Shamrock recently appeared as a guest on the “Asked with Riv & Landin” show. During the interview, Shamrock spoke about a number of WWE and MMA related topics, including the recent controversy surrounding CM Punk.

    When asked for his thoughts on Punk possibly entering MMA, Shamrock noted that he would have no chance if he were to start off at the UFC level, and that he should start at the bottom due to the fact that he has no experience as a professional fighter.

    Shamrock also spoke about Punk’s current situation with WWE, going as far as to call him a “spoiled brat” for walking out on the company when he didn’t get what he wanted, and claimed that he is suffering from “spoiled brat syndrome.”

    “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” also spoke about Triple H, noting that Hunter dislikes him because he had to put him over several times during WWE’s “Attitude Era.” Shamrock claimed that “The Game” strongly dislikes putting other people over.

    You can listen to the complete interview above.


    Common Ken I respect you and all as a fan of you but serius the same guy who was held back by WWE and never got be wwe champion let alone in main event like u should have should understand CM Punk in this!​
  2. he shoud understand punk on this b/c he was fuck over main event spot in wwe should wwe champion but was fuck over by wwe crivte team! HE SHOULD HAVE EASYLY BEEN WWE CHAMPION!
  3. Shamrock hit it right on the head on both matters. Punk is a crybaby who didn't get his main event match so he walked out. As for Triple H, he has put some people over before, yet he's also refused to. Look at Booker, Sheamus, and RVD.
  4. No
  5. YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. You're just giving a bullshit excuse for Punk when you have not a single idea why he left.
  7. he left b/c he should main event but bastisa stole from him!
  8. He said himself that he has no problem with Batista. Which proves my point that you have no idea why he left.
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  9. DUDE HE PISS THAT HE STOLE SPOT! Even Mick made a video about it! All the rumor had said Punk was going win rumble until bastisa resign with wwe then that changed storyline!
  10. You believe everything you read or see on the internet don't you.
  11. dude, you don't know that for sure.
  13. all the repost incade that punk was in main event until batisa resign so yes I do belive that why he left.
  14. Believe, not know for a fact. There is a difference, but w/e.
  15. You believe every rumor you see. Dear lord.
  16. that the rumors knew wm29 6 month before hand so yes I do before were true until bastisa resign and then were changed! Punk got pisss which I can't blame him as I would do same if I was in shoes!
  17. It's gonna suck for Bryan when he eats that Pedigree at 'Mania.
  18. Again, you don't know. Stop.
  19. Oh, so trusting an OLD rumor makes it true? What fucking sense does that make.