Ken Shamrock debut match vs Vader

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  1. I like this match because they basically just beat the piss out of each other. Shamrock breaks Vader's nose with some of the knees he throws.

    wtf is up with Shamrock's theme? lmao, it does not match up well with his intensity. What were they thinking..
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  2. Nice pick for a match man I always like this match too for same reason it was brutal.
  3. Taking the fight to Vader and making him submit was a good way of debuting and showcasing Ken Shamrock as a legitimate asskicker. Vader tossing Shamrock over the top rope to the floor face first was my favorite spot of the match.

    It'd be great to have a Shamrock-like character in WWE today (only with more charisma), someone who was either once part of UFC or at least had studied the art of shoot fighting and mixed martial arts. They'd make a great adversary for Brock Lesnar.
  5. I used to mark out so fucking hard for Shamrock. That belly to belly suplex was the best. I remember I had stopped watching for a while in the mid-90's, and the Attitude Era and nWo stuff was what got me back in. One of the first things I remember marking out like crazy for was seeing Ken Shamrock lose his shit and start suplexing some referees.
  6. Shamrock was awesome, I used to love it when he "snapped" and just went to town on everyone. Also had one of my favorite Belly-to-belly suplexes.

    But yea, that theme song in the video is completely random.
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  7. Another really solid bout I found on here today. Need to check out some more Shamrock matches, dude was absolutely incredible here. Not to discredit Vader, who was great here too but Shamrock's the one that really impressed me in this match (which is a major plus considering the circumstances).
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