Ken Shamrock Talks WWE Return, Vince vs Dana, and Brock MMA

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Mar 27, 2013.

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  2. Shamrock is reaching out to WWE and they won't take him? wtf....

    I was no World's Most Dangerous Man mark, but damn, his persona is 10 X more interesting than 90% of todays generic ass roster. Obviously he would not be getting a world title push, but if he were willing to come in and put some guys over on a 1 year deal, great.
  3. They're probably not taking him back because he's pushing 50. It would have been great to see him back during that 2003-2004 period but at this point, I think that ship has sailed.
  4. He's even older than Taker. Wouldn't mind having him show up in a backstage segment, but nothing in ring.
  5. He's not nearly as broken down as Taker. Age is just a number. Kane is 46 and in tremendous shape. I haven't seen any recent pics of Shamrock, but he has always stayed in great shape.
  6. What about his mental state? :pity:
  7. Ken is crazy, you're crazy, I'm crazy... who cares?
  8. What kind of sane person would travel 300 nights a year getting dropped on their back or head?
  9. This gentleman:
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  10. I would like to see him return in some capacity was a big fan of him growing up.
  11. Guess if he returned to put some guys over it wouldn't hurt. I'd like it. But I don't think WWE likes using old guys for TV a lot. IIRC Finlay left TV because of that.
  12. Ken Shamrock Says He’s Seeking A Return To WWE, Compares McMahon & White!

    During an interview with Ring Rust Radio, Ken Shamrock revealed that he is seeking a return to WWE. Highlights from the interview are as follows:
    On a return to WWE and how winning the World Title would cement his legacy: “Oh, definitely. I’ve tried to reach out, but I’ve been hitting some walls. I’m not sure if my messages are getting through or not. In my career, if you follow my career and watched everything that I’ve ever done from the time I was in high school to where I’m at now, I’ve always been able to reach the pinnacle. In football, I was able to win championships and go to bowl games in college, be an All-American linebacker and there were a lot of things I was able to accomplish. In my professional career, every time I jumped into an organization, I always reached the top and the title. I know with NWA with Jeff Jarrett, TNA, I was their first heavyweight champion, so I was able to reach that pinnacle. With Pancrase, I was their first champion and was also able to bring it to the U.S. using my character. I also reached the level in the UFC as a heavyweight champion, one of the first of all time, also rookie of the year, fighter of the year. I got into pro wrestling, I’ve got tag team champion, Intercontinental champion, King of the Ring. There were several times where I wished I had got that opportunity, and probably should have had that opportunity, to at least challenge for the Heavyweight Championship belt. I never got that opportunity, and I’m not sure why, but it is what it is. I will keep fighting to try and get that opportunity and close this thing up to be probably one of the only persons in sports history to go into several different organizations and become world champion in every one of them.”
    On Brock Lesnar and the transition from wrestling to MMA: “People go, ‘What about Brock Lesnar?’ Brock Lesnar was not a true MMA fighter. Brock Lesnar was basically eye candy for MMA. He came in there, he was big, he was strong, he won a few matches, he captured the title and then he was out. Not much of a career. He is a true pro wrestler and amateur wrestler, so I think it’s a lot easier making the transition from being an amateur wrestler and pro wrestler into MMA than it is being an MMA fighter into pro wrestling.”
    On Vince McMahon vs. Dana White: “That would be awesome. The only thing is that this is what I know about Dana [White], and you can ask anyone, Dana always talks and talks and talks, but I’ve never seen him do anything. I saw Vince talk, talk and talk, and he has done something, he has gotten into the ring, he has participated with the fighters and the wrestlers. I have not seen Dana White do that. I’ve seen him call out Tito [Ortiz] like they were gonna fight, and it never happened. I’ve never seen Dana interact with his business the way that Vince has. Vince has stepped in the ring against guys he’s pissed off. Hey, you gotta give him credit for that. He stepped into the lion’s den, per say. He did step into the Lion’s Den one time!”

    The audio interview is


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