News Kenny King has left the building

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Sep 19, 2015.

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  1. Kenny King has gone back home to ROH. Personally I never thought it would happen since he apparently left with a lot of heat but seems like that was with Jim Cornette more than with the rest of management.

    He returned last night reuniting with his tag partner Rhett Titus to reform the All Night Express. Answering the Briscoes open challenge. Was very well received by the crowd.
  2. Surprise, surprise.

    Good to know he's back in ROH, though.
  3. I was liked King. Cool to see him back in ROH.

    BDC is left with nothing now. Really sucks though, another blow to TNA.
  4. I'd watch RoH for Kenny King.
  5. Kenny King for president.
  6. You should watch it regardless. :cesaro:
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  7. does TNA even have a roster anymore?
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  8. BDC sucked.
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  9. BDC sounded stupid to begin with and was just another faction in TNA to forget lol
  10. Going to miss Romantic Touch tbh
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  11. Surely. Along with Dalton Castle, it's a character that I could never grow tired of.
  12. Gimmick can always be passed on. Jumping Jim Brunsell has to retire some time after all.
  13. I liked it. I mean MVP's 2014 year, Lashley's return, King's return = Good idea. Imo.
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  14. Okay few ups, but booked badly of course
  15. Damn it, this sucks. I always liked King. Could be a good face and was also able to play that "just kick his ass already" heel like he was a lot of the time with MVP and Lashley.

    Speaking of MVP, I really want him back now. Back when he debuted with The Wolves, he looked like a badass o-o I feel as if we deserved another month of those 3 before he turned heel.
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