Kenny King is a Chippendale?!?

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  1. I was watching last weeks legends house, right here on! (insert mick foley smiley here) and saw something very interesting.

    The boys from legends house took a road trip to Las Vegas to perform with the chippendales. Lo and behold who do I see dancing with the regulars.....Kenny fucking King.

    Keep supplementing that income brother. @GrammarNazi82 some fapping material perhaps?
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  2. Yeah, it's true. Some wrestling site broke that news few days ago.

    Come at the King, you best not miss!
  3. :lol1: Didn't notice this.
  4. Here's a screenshot

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  5. True dat, I wonder if TNA made like a dollar by letting him appear on a WWE produced show; they need all the money they can get, even if its just a dollar :emoji_slight_smile:
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  6. Legends House was taped in Q1 of 2012. Kenny King was not signed to TNA at that point.
  7. Well I guess that wraps everything up in A neat little package!
  8. Still cool though, you gotta' admit. Thanks for the tag! Knew I could count on you for fap material. :ksi:
    Did you see him on Baggage? He was on an episode of it looking for a date, haha.
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  9. No I did not
  10. I can't find it to show you! :why:

    It was great .... he wasn't picked, but his "baggage" was that he urinated in his ex's gas tank, used to be a swinger and that he had a threesome with two sisters.
  11. Man probably stacks a shitload of paper there and does TNA in his freetime. For real, im not even kidding.
  12. What a stud :lol1:
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  13. My man Kenny King, a true king of the night. Too talented not to be on TV, glad TNA is using him right now.
  14. I can fap to this.
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