Kenny King on Impact tonight?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Nov 29, 2012.

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  2. You chose that...when you could have reported this??

    TNA has quietly re-signed Velvet Sky. This is why she has seemingly disappeared from the indies, PWInsider reports. No word yet on when she will return but it will likely be in early 2013. This is something that Dixie Carter wanted done herself.
  3. I hope King's there.
  4. That's been a known case for 2 months now. It's just PWInsider confirming it now. #PigeonsAreBack

    And btw, King got his from Hogan. Awesome elimination from HH.
  5. Hogan eliminated King like a champ
  6. King says (on twittah machine) he'll not "ask" next time, he'll "take it".

    LOL :hogan:
  7. King will "take" from Hogan? I smell another sex tape coming :ryan:
  8. I already posted that. Bet you feel silly.
  9. A little

  10. Someone make me aware, barely watched any wressling recently :sad1:
  11. Championship thursday. Once a month a title is up for grabs and Hogan picks the challenger from out of four guys. He eliminated King after he laughed at a joke Aries did about the supposed relationship between Bully Ray and Brooke.

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  12. Urgh Hulk you're a legend but what does that serve?
  13. They're currently running a story I guess where Aries is driving Hulk into the wall with stress and mental strain I guess. You should check out the Bobby Roode vs Christian York match from this week though. That's how you put over a new guy.
  14. That's fine sure have Hulk suffer and show stress to someone else, not one of your most talented in ring guys. Do it on someone who should serve that role.
  15. I don't know why they chose King but probably because he is hardly on TV (has only shown up like for that short feud with ION after Dest X before now) and the other two guys besides Aries was Kash and Ion and Kash just cursed right back at Hulk.
  16. These contender backstage eliminations and discussions are just so much fun, especially with moments and talents like King and Kash around lol.
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