Kenny King Talks About TNA & IMPACT in Las Vegas

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  1. In an interview with the Examiner, Kenny King talks about TNA, possibly going to the WWE in the future and bringing IMPACT to Las Vegas. Here are a few excerpts:

    If he would ever return to the company that helped him get his start (WWE):
    "No one in their right mind would ever say no to WWE. That’s where the money is—that’s the top of the mountain for this sport, if I got the opportunity, I’m sure I’d take it, but for now I’m happy where I’m at. It’s too crowded over there; at TNA, I get some space.”

    Who King would still like to wrestle:
    (Aside from his X Division feud with Rob Van Dam) “I patterned my style off of him, so it’s just so surreal now to see me in the same ring with him,” King stated. King said he’d love the opportunity to go one-on-one with AJ Styles. He’d also like the opportunity to one day feud with former WWE Superstar Shelton Benjamin. “Shelton’s sort of a double-edged sword, as I’ve constantly been compared to him throughout my career,” King said. “But I think our levels of athleticism would complement each other nicely, and we’ve never fought each other one-on-one before.”

    On the possibility of IMPACT Wrestling coming to Las Vegas:

    “I’ve already talked to Dixie about it,” King said. “Hopefully I’ll be able to coax her into it.”
  2. King vs Shelton would be nice.
  3. IMO - it'd SUCK.

    Benjamin is a typical black spot monkey (no racism), and King is just a bit better than that with some signs of an actual personality. They'd wrestle a DUD of a match, tbh.
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