News Rumor Kenny Omega turns down WWE's offer

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  1. ...yeah, everyone pretty much knew he was going to AEW, so no shocker.

    As for "the right" move, it just depends on how you look at it.
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  2. I think for wrestling he did but not for security. WWE has way more money to work with and is a more stable business.
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  3. They also tend to job you out.
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  4. Eh, who cares when you get paid a pretty good paycheck.
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    AEW without Kenny would not be great. Fucking Cody Rhodes lol that guy ain't a top guy.
  6. I don't know what move he'll make. Assuming he joins AEW because his friends and a lot of money..

    Elite said last year they're sticking together.. I don't think they're messing around.

    Expect Omega and Scrull to join AEW when they're able to.
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  7. I would say he is a draw though. All In for example. I think Cody is more interested in the creative/business side of things anyway. NJPW seems to be losing a lot of top guys all at once.
  8. All in was the first I really saw of omega. And right away you could tell he is a special guy. I feel like AEW is the right move for him. I feel like he respects wrestling because it's something that he loves, and not just for a payday. And joining AEW will definitely elevate wrestling as a whole more so than just falling in line and joining wwe. Remember shinsuke? He was touted as this amazing wrestler.. which he is... but anytime I've seen him since he first debuted, he was just another guy on the show. That's all omega would be too.
  9. "when you have a billionaire getting involved, suddenly I get the biggest offer of my career.. by far" - Chris Jericho

    at first I doubted AEW's financial backing but if Jericho's not chatting shit and that's a fact, then that's astonishing for someone like Jericho, who's made a lot of money in the wrestling business, to say that this is his biggest money offer "by far". If Kenny's contract is similar to Jericho's, then he definitely made the right move. The schedule isn't as crazy, he has more freedom with his character/matches, he gets to build something great with his buddies and on top of that he's earning as much, if not even more, than in WWE. Interested to see where this is going for AEW, they officially have the biggest player on their team
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  10. It effects your future earnings though. Hard to get ahead with 50/50 booking. To get big money you need to be a star, to do that you have to be presented as one say 60%+ wins and being protected a bit in defeat. WWE schedule is brutal as well. 300 days on the road,injuries are more of a matter of when vs if.
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  11. Omega is trash just like the young fucktards
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  12. Apparently they are offering WWE levels of money. Prices for independents have gone up as well due to bidding war. The Elite and Hangman Page got offered big money and the freedom of an out clause in their contract (6 months) where if they were not happy they could leave. Problem is they are arguably bigger stars than any of the WWE homegrown with a few exceptions (Brock and Ronda are about it). If the difference in the offer is only a few hundred thousands or a million but you work 50%-80% less and you're on the wrong side of 30 (the ticking bump clock) it seems obvious.

    Traditionally stars from other organizations are brought in to lose to "the guy" with a few exceptions although you can work your way up from the midcard but that can take 5-10 years.
  13. Nah I think he is really good, I can understand disliking the bucks but Kenny is a great wrestler.
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  14. They need to sign some big guys. Little vanilla midgits don't draw
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  15. I agree with that but they do need both, The Big guys need the shorter guys and vice versa.
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  16. Saying that the Bucks are bigger stars than most of WWE's talent is a bit of a stretch. If you say that about Omega, it makes a bit more sense but I could think of a number of guys who are bigger stars in the business than the Young Bucks. They also wouldn't work in the WWE setting at all, most of their brand is built on not being a part of WWE lol

    Also, I wouldn't say that stars from outside of WWE are just there to lose to their top guys. If you look at the past couple of years, the whole "everyone from outside is bad" theory has lost most of its fuel. Not saying it doesn't happen but when a big signee is losing to their top guy, then it's probably because of different intentions and not to shit on their past. Nowadays they're more friendly towards working with these kinds of talents than ever before, especially with their plans of expanding the product worldwide
  17. I mean, we all knew this was coming. If he joins AEW, hopefully it stays afloat long enough, but only time will tell.

    Or, who knows, they could just keep shit hush-hush and he shows up at the Rumble, like AJ Styles did in 2016?
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