Kenny's interview: "Cena "Tiger Woods" Of WWE"

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 20, 2012.

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  1. Sescoops

    Long read, worth it. Not sure I believe most of it though.
  2. tldr

    If it comes out that Cena is actually an asshole and a womanizer I would mark
  3. I believe Kenny his story is very detailed and why would he make something up like this. He has exposed John Cena for who he really is
  4. It does.

    You believe this guy? To be honest he comes off as a bitter idiot imo. Anyone can make up stuff about Cena. I'm not sure why every other ex-employee does nothing but praise Cena, especially when they're not being told to. John Cena recently cashed in his 300th make-a-wish, that's who John Cena really is in my honest opinion.
  5. He's not really running Cena down too much, he's just upset that his affair with Mickie James ruined his engagement to her. On another note, it sure seems like this Kenny dude is getting a lot of attention lately.
  6. This came out today:

    Whenever something comes out about a "backstage meltdown" leading to the firing of a superstar I rage... Mickie was by far their best divas worker and the most over woman they had.
  7. Kenny, dude, find something else to do instead of bitching about Cena! I'm tired of reading it, don't give a crap if you're bitter that the guy stole your chick and you got fired or anything.
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  8. So much this. I love you Leo.
  9. I bet Kenny spends hours jacking off to Cena since he just LOVES to talk about him. He probally lied and told Cena's wife he was cheating on her, just for she could divorce him, and Kenny could have Cena to himself.
  10. I feel sorry for the guy, though. Getting your chick stolen from you is bullshit, he has every right to complain.
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