News KENTA gets WWE tryout

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Brad., Jan 28, 2014.

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  1. .....Kenta.....WWE Tryout.....

    Not sure if he'll be offered a contract or not, Would depend on how the WWE see his Ability.

    Kenta and Tatsu as a Tag Team, Anyone?
  2. He does work very stiff he would have to change that but i don't really see this going though, they would not no what to do with him. Plus would he be allowed to use his own move that Punk butchers every week?
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  3. KENTA would need a whole new moveset..unless Bryan and Punk are fired.
    Still dont understand how i guy like KENTA gets a "tryout" I mean, the dude is a legend the only prob is his english
  4. WWE isn't exactly the best with giving serious pushes to Asian wrestlers, so it's probably best he stays in Pro Wrestling Noah, unfortunately.
  5. Well considering Daniel Bryan uses KENTA's finisher, he may have to get a new moveset. Or WWE makes Bryan and KENTA a tag-team. Unlikely though.
  6. Kenta isn't a legend. He's a top notch talent but he's not on the level of legend. Kenta Kobashi is and well deserved. Kenta Kobayashi is not.
  7. He wont get signed
  8. Still a bit shocked by this. I wonder if they'll change his moveset, and what role they will give him if he gets hired. I see a very slim chance of him getting signed though, but the possibility is still there.
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