Ring of Honor News Kevin Keenan Gets Axed (who?)

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Neptune, Feb 11, 2016.

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  1. I don't remember him but he was a former WWE ref who got bumped to ROH as a ref and staff member. Why did he get fired....

    "Keenan made the alleged sexual advances then, which included spanking the unnamed woman. It was said to be clear that she was uncomfortable with the situation and people told Keenan off; he left the establishment with a few other people.

    ROH officials were told later that night about the incident and Delirious, who is ROH’s booker, reprimanded Keenan the next day in front of the crew and roster. He told Keenan that his actions weren’t acceptable in ROH, nor would they be anywhere else, and was told to get his things and go. The site was told that ROH will no longer use him."
  2. Moved to ROH section since this is about ROH
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  3. And he has been hired by WrestlePro. lol
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  4. To add to it all. The girl who'me Keenan slapped on the ass? She's dating Delirious/Hunter, aka the guy who fired him. Now Keenan is trying to paint Delirious up as the bad guy.

    Keenan pretty much confirmed as a tool
  5. he'll be lucky if this doesnt end up with charges ffs.
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