News Kevin Nash arrested

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  1. TMZ just got the two police reports. As for Kevin's arrest ... the report says he told cops his son came home wasted and belligerent toward him and Kevin's wife, then spit in his face and elbow-checked him. Kevin told cops he pinned Tristen to the ground and that's when Tristen scratched his face.

    But Tristen said Kevin was berating him over his relationship with his girlfriend. He says Kevin then choke-slammed him to the ground and, just like Kevin's signature move, Tristen says he hit is head so hard on the ground he blacked out.

    Cops arrested Kevin because they felt he was the "primary aggressor."

    As for Tristen's arrest two hours later ... Tristen's uncle told cops the young man -- who is 6'5" and 200 lbs -- was drunk and had "slung his mom around the kitchen" and tried attacking him as well.
  2. It's only a matter of time before the WWE storylines the shit out of this.
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  3. Merry Christmas to mah brother, Nash! <3 One Love
  4. All I wanna know here....... are his knees OK?
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  5. I don't see the problem

  6. We should have a country wide punishment for DUIs being you get chokeslammed through a table by Kevin Nash
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  7. Chokeslamming his kid? Legend. Love it.
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  8. The kid should've reversed it into RKO or DDT, though.
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  9. Not much of a point there. Nash would probably just no sell it anyway.
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  10. Touché.
  11. Nash is such a legend. If only Scott was there to beat the shit out of Tristen as well. 2 sweet.
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  12. Sounds like BS that he was arrested to me.
  13. What a Hoss.
  14. Hall probably would have molested Nash's wife while intoxicated, much like he did to some fifty something year-old one time.
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  15. That can't even be proven, it's difficult to know if she was really molested when she was yelling "Don't, stop!".
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  16. vintage bad guy.:razer:
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  17. Omg kevin Nash wtf thought he was dead lol
  18. Such a legend.
  19. Karma is slowly but surely catching that piece of shit.
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  20. It's when they say those two words that I get confused.
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