Kevin Nash is the highest draw of all time.

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by seabs, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. #NoMerch

    Paparazzi productions was a lotta fun.
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  2. Funny guy, yet not a funny guy.
  3. Yeah, sure, exactly what Testify said. He's hilarious, but not. Yep. No.

  4. Oh yeah, back when TNA had some potential. Fuckin' Nash and Shelley killed it. Not surprising that the absolute fucking losers around here hate Nash. They usually do.
  5. Yeah he's a huge piece of shit. Dolph'sZiggler is actually the biggest Nash hater i know. Dude despises the guy.
  6. Haters gonna hate lol

  7. :pity1:
  8. What's the deal with randomly insulting people? Nobody insulted you, yet you insult others. What the fuck?
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  9. You're an easy target.
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  10. Of course he is, you're a faggot behind a computer screen typing insults on a keyboard.
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  11. Rut-roh. Someone called me a faggot. Red alert!! That's certainly the professional way to discuss someone insulting another person on the internet. Chide them, but then call them a faggot to keep the high ground. Touche.
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  12. Thank you, im glad we can agree on something. :obama:
  13. Says someone who'll get banned by the end of the year because of randomly cursing and insulting people, calling them stupid, ****s and whatnot. Forum is run stupidly sometimes, but the mods will get their head out of their assess.
  14. That's cool. You'll be the winner and it will be a big day for you.
  15. You mean like you've been doing since the day you showed up here?
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  16. No no no. I just call people a ****, and claim no moral high ground. You get how that works, ****?
  17. Well you can stop randomly insulting people and turning threads into the most immature arguments I've seen. Insulting counts as flaming, which is against the rules here.

    Thank you.
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  18. Thank you daddy.

  19. Right on. I'll make sure to only insult someone when it's in a heated argument over rasslin'.
  20. That's all we ask for. Or maybe just say "C U Next Tuesday" instead of saying "****." You know, the little things.
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