Kevin Nash or Kane?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Urn Anderson, Jul 29, 2012.

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  1. Who do you prefer? I like both tbh. Kevin Nash with his epic powerbomb, and Kane with his awesome chokeslam.
  2. Nash by a wide margin
  3. Nash was better on the mic and the bigger star, Kane was a better worker and was willing to actually put people over :hmm: good question, I'll say Nash just because he was involved in one of the biggest angles of all time when Sting destroyed that little group.
  4. KANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y U ASK STUPID QUESTION ?
  5. You're going to make me vote between the two most famous Jewish Wrestlers ever...fuuuu..

    Kevin Nash.
  6. I never knew Nash was Jewish.

    Wasn't Savage Jewish though?
  7. Yes Savage was Jewish.
  8. Got to be kane
  9. I am gonna go with Nash. Loved him when he was part of the nWo. Although Kane was badass when he first joined the WWF
  10. Kane - far and away. Nothing thrilled me more than when the lights went out and that first crash of the red exlposion ripped through the arena during the attitude era. Their was always something mysterious about him and his 'masked' appearance that felt more intriguing than most other stars. He also had some epic matches v X-pac and DX in 2000, before the brothers of destructiong during 2001 and the Invasion angle. One of my favourite superstars (if a little passed it now).
  11. Kane and NO I not jewish I am chirsish.
  12. I am talking about the real Randy Savage you tit. The Macho Man. You could be Pastafari for all I care.
  13. Still wondering what "chirsish" is.

    But, on topic, both guys have real ability and real positives. Both also have real negatives. Kane is one of the best "big man" workers in WWE ever and is totally unselfish and a true company man. However, he doesn't have a great deal of charisma in the ring. Nash is a charisma machine. He sweats it. However, his work ethic sucks and he doesn't have a great deal of wrestling ability. Cornette was exaggerating when he said that Nash knew 5 moves, but he was only off by three or four. Both of them have been part of some great feuds. It's probably worth it to mention that Kane has had better people to work against who he was willing to put over. Nash is thoroughly selfish and actually believes he should have 16 world championship reigns.

    I would probably go with Kane, but I can enjoy both men's work.

  14. Kane wipes the floor with Nash! Nash aint good enough to polish Big Shows boots!
  15. Kevin Nash based on entertainment.
  16. Kane by a mile.

    Highlight of this thread = "chirsish"
  17. Kane is a better wrestler tho.
  18. I would have to go with Kane. His gimmicks were better to me, he was more entertaining, and I like his wrestling moves better. He can also put people over at times and not bitch about people outside the ring, so he is more respectful too.
  19. Kane like to help company so KANE!
  20. It's Kevin Nash for me. He's better on the mic, and I like his finisher more than the Chokeslam.
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