Kevin Nash Retires

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. Well, I personally think it's a waste. They could of used him really well in the conspiracy angle everyone thought was coming, but instead it ended up in a horrible HHH vs Nash match which was awful, and everyone sort of knew HHH wouldn't lose. But I guess it's nice that he got to end it with his best mate.
  2. This just sums up the Kliq mentality imagine how it could have been for a young heel to retire Nash. I don't like him but he holds a lot of name value and could have had a great nostalgia run leading to a big loss to say Cody Rhodes it could have made him. However we need to keep it all in the kliq.

    *end rant *
  3. Completely agree. No doubt he is a big name, and to be honest with the major problem with not enough faces, they could of picked an up and coming star to end the Kliq (after they make an historic return). Could of booked it as a short version of what Nexus did, have the feud only be around 2 months long. But it could of pushed Bryan, Sheamus or anyone to the moon. Or even just Nash, instead of wasting him on HHH, as you say could of used him to either put over a face or heel.

    Sigh, oh well, at least I don't have to see him wrestle anymore.
  4. I can see him being back this is what his fourth retirement lol. If the pay day is offered he'll be there. I wonder when he'll go in the HOF no doubt his accomplishments do deserve it if they were gained more with friendship then talent.
  5. He'll make it to the HOF yeah, everyone seems to now. Not for a few years though, and yeah I definitely think he'll be back in some form. Can never take his retirements seriously, maybe even one more rumble run?
  6. He'll probably in the next one knowing Nash =P. I wouldn't mind seeing Scott Hall there if he can get into decent mental health. Nash without Hall feels wrong imo.
  7. He botched a lot in the TLC PPV imo.
  8. Tbh I got bored and was spam twittering during the match for traffic. Did he botch badly?
  9. Looks like big daddy cool isn't gone yet....

    "With the impact of the sledgehammer, Kevin sustained multiple contusions over his body,” Dr. Amann said. “Of most significance was a nasal fracture he sustained when he was struck in the face by the implement.”

    Based on diagnoses made at a Baltimore medical facility Nash was rushed to following the match, the former WWE Champion will require at least six weeks without contact. During that time, he will likely be required to wear a brace to protect his nose while it heals.

    Looks like we've got one rumble return after all.
  10. Nice find. Wouldn't mind to see him in rumble I suppose, wander if he'll get pops again.
  11. I hope not chances are he'll think he deserves one more run.
  12. Haha good point.