Kevin Nash reveals why his match with Punk didn't happen, and the original Plan

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 24, 2012.

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  2. Punk/Nash/Triple H/Laurinaitis storyline was fucking bollocks. It was a bad idea, bad changing, bad execution. I still don't know why they were feuding.
  3. Same. Even the "original plan" was a clusterfuck. I'm sure WWE could have done something other than HHH going over Punk cleanly.
  4. Besides Triple H, I always naturally assumed it was Laurauntis who texted Nash. It's a shame we never got the Punk-Nash match. I was looking forward to it after hearing Punk hilariously tear down Nash in promos. Punk-HHH should have been a personal feud built up for a lot longer (it was originally intended for Survivor Series) and with Punk going over.
  5. I like Nash and Punk and think they shouldve been given more time. They're so hysterical
  6. HHH should have turned heel by Survivor Series, been the mastermind, face Punk and lose cleanly.
  7. lol Yes, Triple H should go away soon
  8. Now I really like you! I love users who hate HHH as much as I do :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  9. LOL well, I never hated him B4. He's not better than Shawn, so maybe that's why. He used to be his own man, now he's just a follower
  10. @[Anxiety] another HHH hater we are blessed today! LOLS

    Although wont lie ceebs with Nash tbh too hated all of that.

    Why dont the old retire when they should?
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