Kevin Nash says he will donate brain to CTE research

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Mar 2, 2016.

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  1. WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash announced on Wednesday that he will donate his brain to the CTE Center at Boston University and the Concussion Legacy Foundation after his death, according to a report by ESPN’s Michael Rothstein.

    Nash told ESPN that he has had “several concussions” throughout his life so far, and he added that he has had short-term memory issues.

    I’ve woken up in the ring and like said to myself, ‘Why am I in this building full of people,'” Nash said.

    He also said that this decision was already made five or six years ago. Before his wrestling career, Nash played basketball at Tennessee and overseas in addition to serving in the Army. He told ESPN that he doesn’t blame anyone for the brain damage that he has suffered.

    Anything you do in life that’s athletic, that has any degree of contact whatsoever, there’s that risk that you could be injured or have a concussion. I don’t blame anything except it is my endeavors.
  2. Plus he's probably semi retarded for eating handfuls of Soma's all the time
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  3. See the thing is, they can do research on his brain... But a lot of wrestlers form his time were heavy into drugs so you can't entirely blame wrasslin for brain damage.
  4. You don't get CTE from drug use. Only repeated head trauma.
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  5. I thought drug use can make this worse though, maybe I am wrong.

    EDIT: My bad, this can actually cause an addiction to drugs/alcohol not the other way around.
  6. You are :pipebomb: :woo1:
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  7. :notsure:
  8. He should donate his legs. To see why and how someone can tear their quads so many times, like that.
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  9. Now he's gotta donate the quads
  10. Fun fact: Nash has half as many quad tears as HHH but roughly 10,000 X the number of torn quad jokes.
  11. Probably because Triple H's tears were warranted since he was wearing them out. Kevin Nash was out for months before suffering a torn quad, seconds after entering the ring by walking or speed walking across the ring. The jokes are excessive, but I get them.
  12. RVD is too.
  13. In Nash's defense. He had a professional and college basketball career before going into wrestling. A career which ended because of an ACL tear.
  14. Add Jeff Hardy and Mick Foley to the list, too.
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