Kevin Nash Says He Would Never Go Back To TNA

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  1. In a few recent Tweets, TNA Alumni, Kevin Nash stated that he would never go back to TNA. This is what Nash tweeted:

    "would never go back to TNA. HHH is like a brother to me, If he needs anything I would do it.Going back to TNA would break a trust.Love Dixie and their crew. WWE made me"

    Respect for Kev speaking from his heart, but this is also great news for TNA.
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  2. I legitimately lold at this :lol1:
  3. Yeah, TNA seems like it's in the right direction and we don't need Kev at all.
  4. Good, he's a good speaker still but a quad tear always seems imminent.
  5. I see :vince:
  6. Thank God, if only he said the same about WWE.
  7. Was thinking about changing it to they, but we don't need him either. :tough:
  8. :pity1:

    He'll be back

    you ungrateful son of a bitch
  9. He'll probably be in the Rumble for shits and gigs
  10. What a mark this Crayo jack is dude.:obama:
  11. Re: RE: Kevin Nash Says He Would Never Go Back To TNA

    Big pop
  12. I'm glad he's not in TNA since it just doesn't suit him. He's good for the WWE to use him in certain appearances since he does have major history there.
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