Kevin Nash: Triple H Beating Undertaker Is Bad For Business

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Mar 28, 2012.

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  1. Kevin Nash told the UK Sun the following about why Triple H ending The Undertaker's streak at WrestleMania 28 this Sunday would be a bad idea.

    "End of an Era…I've been thinking about the "speaking in code" that Shawn Michaels alluded to last week…If the WWE did have HHH end the Streak, what's the bragging point since it took him three tries? There's no bragging point, and it doesn't do anything for business…It wouldn't be good for business at all. It'd be like, yeah HHH ended it, but it took him three tries...Big deal. How does that impact the business to the good side?

    "Most people would automatically point to the fact that he's married to Stephanie, and didn't do it because he deserved it…They could see through the facade WWE [would] have to build for it. I could already hear the bullshit chants from the more seasoned fans if they did that.

    "In all honesty, at this point in time, the only one that deserves to end the Streak, is Taker himself by hanging it up when he chooses…In other words, he retires undefeated at Mania."

  2. I love Nash, but like CM Punk said last summer, I'm not so sure he knows what is 'good for business'

    not saying he is wrong about HHH/Taker, because I agree with him and think most would, but he comes off sounding a bit hypocritical considering he was involved in some terrible business decisions in his time
  3. If Triple H ends the streak, that's what the fans will remember from Wrestlemania. Triple H winning and the ensuing riot. When Cena and Rock try to follow this, the crowd will be dead, and whatever they try to accomplish with this match won't be accepted like it should because everyone in the crowd would be bitching about how either Shawn Michaels screwed over Undertaker, Triple H buried the last thing left that he hasn't buried, or them using the perfect way to give a lifetime push to someone like Wade Barrett and wasting it on a retiring Triple H.

    Kevin Nash, you're right. You'd know, in your last match with TNA you buried Samoa Joe. Thanks. Stay the hell away from TV.
  4. Agreed, he is right, but he's just a strange man..
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if HHH vs Taker would end the show. I don't think it will but it wouldn't surprise me.

    Anyway, Nash is 100% correct here. But as Dolph said, it's quite hypocritical of him to comment on business. But still, he's right.
  6. I know WWE has had the wrong match close Mania's in the past, but no way they botch this one. Cena/Rock will be on last.
  7. I hope you're right and I think you will be. But HHH's ego doesn't surprise me. If Rock/Cena is last, it makes me feel more confident about Undertaker keeping his streak.
  8. The crowd would be dead for the HiAC match if it was forced to follow Rock/Cena.
  9. ya your right they need to build the younger stars let one of them beat the undertaker it would give them a major push
  10. I wouldn't actually mind if someone like Ziggler, Rhodes or Barrett beat Undertaker.
  11. IT IS BAD FOR BUILDNESS! Undertaker show stay unbeat WM28. And not own for the the fact that vince make money off each year! But the fact last year Undertaker could not leavre the ring after he won this he going to want to win and leavre the ring! :taker:
  12. Cannot agree more.

    Undertaker should remain undefeated no matter what.
  13. they gave John and Rock their own 1hr special so im thinking its more important than any other match here
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