Kevin Nash vs Brock Lesnar

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  1. Would this not have made a good/great feud back in the day when each guy were in their respective primes? It's an interesting big man match that never happened that sounds like it would have been fun to watch. The sight of either guy lifting up the other and slamming him to the mat with their finisher - whether it be Nash hitting Lesnar with the Jackknife Powerbomb or Lesnar hitting the F5 on a guy as tall and big as Nash - is a cool image to think of.

    Would still be cool if Nash made a special appearance on Raw and ended up in a confrontation with Brock Lesnar somehow and ended up getting the Kimura slapped on him. That'd at least be something.
  2. Nash vs Brock in their primes would've been amazing. Wonder who would come out on top. In my mind I'd pick Brock because seeing him F5 Nash would be a spectacle.
  3. Well, it'll all depend on the specific angle, which would be completely hypothetical since their primes were close to ten years part (I'd rather see Lesnar go over, personally.) But yeah, what a great clash between two big men it would be. In a real fight, Brock would no doubt take Nash apart limb by limb.
  4. This is just funny.
  5. Lol Kevin Nash would tear a quad just thinking about this match. My man Brock would beat his ass
  6. Big Sexy jobbing to that vanilla midget?

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  7. Its crazy how you seem to drift in and out of being aware of what kayfabe is.
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  8. My avatar explains how scared Nash is of Lesnar.
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  9. If Brock looks half this good at age 54 he can pretend he is on Big Sexy's level

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  10. Nash has still got it.

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  11. Kevin Nash fap thread!!!!!!!!!!

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  12. HNNNG
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