Kevin Nash?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by James, Mar 5, 2012.

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  1. [/align]What happend too Kevin Nash? I have not seen him in ages? I guess they did not call him 'big lazy' for nothing.
  2. Hanged his boots up for the younger ones.

    But a week or so ago he stated on his Twitter that he would be at Mania.
  3. Glad he's gone to be honest. There's quite a few Nash fans on here but I was cringing every single time he stepped in the ring and picked up a microphone.
  4. It would've been better if he was managing AWESOME Truth at the time yo! Bitch!
  5. He's gone, he said that his 15 year old kid needed him and as some guy earlier posted on this thread, he wanted to make up some space for the younger ones.

    So basically he's done.
  6. I laughed at him every time, he dyed his hair and beard, but he missed the top line of his beard and it looked soo silly lol..
  7. Just looked like a serial killer lmao.
  8. Haha indeed, scary dude..
    He looks better now imo.
  9. He looks like someone injected Bischoff with some titan formula there #BatmanReference

  10. Hahaha, you're right.
    But I'd rather look like Nash at that age, then look like Eric..
  11. Kevin Nash 4 life

    Hopefully he comes back in an authority role a few years down the line
  12. Fo fo fo life. Fo life!
  13. He can't wrestler anymore that why he goes! He was a great back in the 90"s but when u old u just don't have it anymore and Nash does not have anymore! Just like Hogan and Fiar that just need to retire and be done with it!
  14. For some reason I can't take returning legends seriously, with the exception of SCSA, hes always cool when he comes back for some reason.

    I don't know... Nash's promos were kinda funny to me, the way he always showed up just to fuck everyone else up. Random punk interferences, kicking HHHs ass back stage. lol he was scarier than Kane now that I think about it. To put it blankly, I got the same feeling watching him as I did watching Road Dogg dance at the Rumble. :lol1:
  15. I'd mark for a corporate structure with Nash, Ace, HHH, Main Event Superstar X and Mid-card Superstar Y.
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