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WWE just can’t quit Shane McMahon.

This week on SmackDown, McMahon returned to torturing the life of Kevin Owens. Shane-O-Mac put his rival in an impossible situation when he made Owens the guest referee for a King of the Ring tournament match between himself and Chad Gable.

Earlier in the night, McMahon named himself as the replacement for Elias and told Owens that if he did his job correctly, he would take away a fine he hit KO with back in August. Owens did his job, watched McMahon tap out from an ankle lock applied by Gable, and still was fired after the match.

Worst boss ever?

Last month, McMahon slapped Owens with a $100,00 fine and one week later got him bounced from the first round of the King of the Ring tournament.

As far as pro wrestling firings go, how long will Kevin Owens remained banished by Shane McMahon?

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