News Kevin Owens Advertised For Post-Elimination Chamber RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, May 28, 2015.

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    So, this pretty much confirms Rollins retaining via LOLBIGSHOWINTERFERES this Sunday and Cena/KO ending in a double count-out or a DQ win for Cena.
    But anyways, it'll be fun seeing KO wrestling for the first time on RAW and it's going to be the ME!
  2. His first RAW match is a six man tag with two dudes he could care less about against Cena (a guy he has nothing to prove to) and two dude's he could also care less about. I don't get it, but Holla Holla anyway.
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  3. Well it'll be good to see KO interact with some of the main eventers but man I hope they don't kill his character by just having him go from dominating NXT to dominating the main show as well.
  4. Update:
    This is making me a lot more intrigued for his match with Cena on Sunday since I assumed before that it would probably just be a one-off thing.
  5. Sweet.

    Their match at EC will prolly end in a double-count out or a DQ win for Cena, and the feud is likely to continue and end at Battleground or maybe even at SummerSlam.
  6. According to Meltzer he's signed a full time main roster contract as of today. He'll remain on nxt for up to 6 months so they can book a good exit for him
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  7. Way to get a step ahead of Sami, Kevin. Your family is surely grateful!
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  8. He's rising to the top real quick.
  9. KO >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Zayn
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  10. This is a good story, really. Zayn got to NXT first and was going to get to the main roster first also but Owens killed him dead and got his spot instead. Cool
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  11. So I heard KO beat Cena.... they are really going all in on Steen huh? If you had told me 4-5 years ago Steen would be in WWE at all I would have laughed, let alone this. I may actually have to see what he does on Raw tonight.
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  12. You should check out KO vs Cena from last night, dude. It was great (especially KO winning CLEAN) and it was easily highlight of the night.
  13. lol They'll probably just have Cena beat him later this month in the rematch at Money In The Bank. And then maybe Owens will go over him in the rubber match at Battleground and walk away holding the United States Championship, that is if we're lucky. But I wouldn't even be too sure of that.

    Not that Owens and Cena trading victories with one another is necessarily a bad thing in itself (so long as Owens comes out on top in the end), but it'd be nice to see someone actually defeat Cena twice in a row for once (and cleanly both times, I might add) without Cena immediately getting his win back. Brock Lesnar destroyed Cena at Summerslam, and yet they couldn't even resist making it look like Cena probably had him beat the following month at Night Of Champions before Seth jumped in and interfered (which then lead to three months of the commentators constantly jabbering about how Cena definitely had Brock beat if not for Rollins.) Rusev beat Cena at Fast Lane, and as we saw, he had to take three losses in a row just to pay for it.
  14. You really don't think going over Cena in your main roster debut match is a sign of things to come? This isn't fucking Rusev, they clearly have huge things in mind for KO
  15. I'm just saying that until I see how the rest of the rivalry plays itself out and until I see how they go about utilizing Owens afterwards, I'm not jumping to any conclusions just yet. Everyone knows how Vince's mind operates and how quickly he can grow bored or drop the ball with someone, sometimes as rapidly as a heartbeat. We certainly know how he loves to use the "redemption" shtick with Cena. At this point, they could still end up having Cena go over Owens at MITB and then perhaps a second time at Battleground and present KO as the cocky "rookie" who got too big of a head because of one victory, but who Cena ended up showing afterwards wasn't quite ready just yet to hang with the top dog.

    Until their rematch at Money In The Bank goes down, I think a moderate dose of skepticism/pessimism is fairly reasonable to have.
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  16. It's pretty obvious that Brock vs Owens is coming sooner than later. I think Owens wins clean again at MITB and the July PPV to establish a dominance over Cena that only one other person ever has. This 2 people will need to face one another. August at Summerslam will be the place for Brock Lesnar vs Kevin Owens.. Mark my words.
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  17. I see this happening as well. Maybe not the part about Owens beating Cena three times in a row, but I definitely think they're going to set up Owens to fight Lesnar at SummerSlam.
  18. I don't see it happening as early as Summerslam, but if Lesnar isn't in the championship match next year (since they probably want to do Roman vs Brock II for the title at Wrestlemania, although I don't see that one working out), I could see them building up to a big showdown between Brock vs Owens instead. Funny, as Owens even referred to himself as a 'prize fighter' a couple of weeks ago, just as Brock often refers to himself as.
  19. I can only hope
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