Kevin Owens Asks To Take On Undertaker

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  1. The wrestling fans of the world are waiting for The Undertaker to return to WWE television so he can begin his feud for WrestleMania 32. The only thing is that no-one is quite sure who he will be facing at the big Pay-Per-View in April. Rumors have been strong in saying that he would face off with Braun Strowman, but that was never confirmed. Now, it’s being reported that Kevin Owens has actually asked WWE to let him face “The Deadman.”

    According to PW Mania, Kevin Owens has actually gone to WWE and pitched the idea of him facing off with The Undertaker. The former Intercontinental Champion wants to take on The Undertaker in Dallas at WrestleMania 32, but will WWE let him?
  2. KO vs Taker would be good.

    Hey, WWE... Book anything but Strowman vs Taker, please.
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  3. I just read an article that they said no, but I don't buy into it. KO vs Taker is the best choice for Wrestlemania. Who else is there? Yeah Cena maybe, but he's injured so you cant count on it. Braun Strowman will have a horrible match with Taker, it will go down in history as 1 of the worst while Kevin Owens could go down in history as 1 of his best
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  4. ORRRR his "injury" is gimmick and it will be Cena.... HEEL CENA! :bubba:
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  5. If it can't be cena fighting taker, let KO battle taker. Fuck strowman, people would seriously boo that shit. They wanna see a match, not a fucking giant like Khalid swat taker.

    If KO doesn't right taker, and this is a long shot but hear me out, let Dean Ambrose do it. Imagine that booking. Dean stays face and taker keeps his controversial, somewhat heelish (the one with Brock) character going and him and Dean battle at mania 32 in a last man standing match. It would be unique and honestly draw crowds. The promos and things leading to the match would be epic and it would give Dean a chance to shine and, possibly, beat taker without having to pin him. Or the match, for the first ever, ends in a draw.
  6. Maybe Taker and Kane will team up again and theyll take up the Dudleyz since they're heels now
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  7. I agree that Taker vs Strowman would be awful. I know they've done it before, but I can see WWE having a Taker vs Bray Wyatt 2 at WM32. They probably have the idea that it'll be a sort of passing the torch match between them for Taker to go out and Wyatt to get pushed permanently into stardom. Either that or a tag team match Wyatt/Strowman vs Kane/Taker hell in a cell or inferno match or even buried alive match.

    I think KO and Taker could make a good match, I just don't think the time is right for KO to be given that kind of a push. He is mid card at best just now and hasn't been in the main roster long enough to deserve a push like that. Their would be a lot od super pissed off guys if Owens got that opportunity and I don't think WWE would do that!
  8. KO vs The Dead Man would have been awesome. I don't know if doing regular jobs to Dolph Ziggler is necessarily the best way to build him up for a match with Taker on the big stage, but it's not like whoever faces Taker has much chance of winning anyway unless the opponent is named John Cena. Kevin Owens defeated Cena in his very first match on the main roster, I was hoping they would make KO's very first Wrestlemania match equally as epic, but I guess not.

    Speaking of which, I'm still hoping Cena has another one of his rapid recoveries and makes it back in time to start building a match with Taker for Mania. A healthy Cena is obviously the best choice for Taker this year all things considered.
  9. I'm sorry but that would be fucking awful
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  10. Cena came back so quickly because he had a 4 month recovery time from a slightly torn tricep. He came back in about 2 1/2. He now has a 6-8 month shoulder injury. I don't see him being back in time.
  11. It would still be better than Strowman
  12. That's not saying much. And I think the tag idea is almost as bad. Let taker stay in singles and battle someone like Dean or KO, or even the rock.
  13. shit is still shit, it doesn't matter if yours isn't as awful as the other. It's shit.
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