Kevin Owens says he wants Taker at WM32

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  1. Besides the possibility of WWE booking Lesnar vs KO at Mania, I was actually thinking Cena vs Taker might happen, but given Cena's out due to injury, it wouldn't surprise me to see KO go at it with the Deadman at the grandest stage of 'em all.
  2. I thought Cena vs Taker also seemed unlikely. I felt like Cena would end up doing something for the US title. Probably him burying the entire League of Nations
  3. Yeah, that's what I thought, too. When Cena returned, I thought he'd go on to regain the US title and then some of the NXT talent (Joe/Corbin/Zayn/Bálor) would dethrone him at Mania, but that won't be happening now... As well as Cena vs Taker, which is one of the scenarios I thought would wind up happening.

    Everyone's speculating Taker will retire at WM 32, given it's being held in his homestate of Texas, and Vince (Taker probably, as well) would surely want Cena as the guy to end The Deadman's career. I guess Taker's retirement match might be postponed now that Cena's out and KO could be the guy Taker faces at this year's Mania.
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  4. Sounds like fun, fuck the LoN.

    Actually sounds like a really nice plan. Owens vs Taker is a quality match, and above all else it's (somehow) more believable than beating Lesnar.
    Plus, Taker seems like a guy who really wants to put over someone who actually can use it on the way out.

    For a Wrestlemania card, how about Triple H vs Reigns, Cena vs Sheamus vs Del Rio or something stupid like that, and Taker vs Owens, with the main event being Lesnar vs the Hunter/Reigns winner?
    Doesn't sound bad to me!

    Not sure *exactly* how you'd get to that final stip, maybe after you book Hunter to be a scheming mastermind and get Lesnar to attack Triple H, or bring up his old lawsuit that nobody remembers the details of anyway lol... there's grounds for Triple H to want to beat up Lesnar already, so there's potential for some really nice build.

  5. But the thing is Taker is going to go over on Kevin Owens, which will be kind of disappointing, but it is what it is I guess...

    I'll be extremely surprised if Cena is recovered by Wrestlemania, but if he is then you can bet it will be him vs Del Rio and he will be taking the US title.

    I think they're gonna do The Rock vs Lesnar as the main event. Triple H vs Roman Reigns will be below them on the card.
  6. Honestly think there's a 99% chance Rock doesn't wrestle. Hope he doesn't tbh. Nothing against Rocky, but... Idk. Kinda flipflop on the part-time issue (especially with the issue of overpushing Roman such a big one) and they can have the big-time match at the top of the card to get the pressure/heat off of Reigns... Still, any chance of getting a big-time spot for a current guy is a good thing, idk...

    Lol forgot about Cena's injury. So many... And I'm not so sold Taker is going over "for sure", if he does, that sucks!
  7. There's nothing I'd love more than seeing Taker being retired by an up-and-coming talent, but not sure if Vince would be on board with that.

    Umm, HHH vs Reigns or Reigns vs Bork could be the ME, if Rocky doesn't wrestle a high-profile match on the card.
  8. I think The Rock will wrestle. WWE doesnt care what the frequent watcher thinks about part timers because they want The Rock coming in to bring back the people who dont watch that much anymore but will be interestes if hes there. He will be against HHH or Lesnar and I feel like it'll end up being Lesnar because they're gonna need a match like that to live up to the expectations that this is gonna be the biggest event of the year, and Bigger than years before. But the nostalgia of HHH vs Rock would work too, especially if they could somehow get HBK and Stone Cold involved. Either way Roman will face 1 of the 2 who Rock isn't facing. But I believe Lesnar will be top of the card either in the title match against Reigns or in the match against Rock
  9. Oh no, it's more about Rock's side and the insurance company that doesn't want Rock in the ring. Not Vince, CERTAINLY not Vince for all the reasons you said. And there's no way in hell a company looking out for Rock's movie career likes him going to Suplex City.

    (Plus Rock vs Triple H gives me bad vibes about a three-months-too-late Roman heel turn. Lol)
  10. That's the only reason I feel like they wouldn't want to do Brock vs Rock, is because of injuries. Which would make HHH vs Rock more plausible since HHH is probably one of the safest and most experienced workers in WWE.

    But I'm also not buying into this "insurance" crap that these articles made up. It might be true but I feel like no one has that specific information.
  11. Agree to disagree then! :zayn:

    We'll see when we get to Wrestlemania, it should be an interesting ride. Hopefully without any more bumps along the way knocking people out of the proverbial vehicle.
  12. Let's agree to disagree, dammit KO, I've been waiting for this Lesnar KO match
  13. Lesnar is at the top of the food chain. He has to get through Taker first
  14. You know what?
    Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan for the title
    Brock Lesnar vs Dean Ambrose street fight
    Kevin Owens vs Rock grudge match
    Triple H vs a magically healed Cesaro.

    Fuck it, lets go.
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  15. I love, I just loooove your optimism, Snow!
  16. I just laughed so hard... And idk why. The part where you said "burying the entire League of Nations" really got to me. I just started cracking up.
  17. Great conversation here and though I'm tempted to reply, I'll save it for some time tomorrow or Wednseday as I'm preparing a pretty big write-up regarding the road to Wrestlemania, my thoughts and ideas on the card, all quite realistic and all based on everything we have available as of now. Not quite done yet and I definetely want to get through RAW first so...stay tuned.

    Anyhow, since we're talking KO in this thread, him I've got pinned for Wrestlemania against either the Undertaker or Brock so I guess we're on the same page regarding this matter and what better way to kick off such a feud than a good old big time elimination during the Rumble. You have KO eliminate Brock or Taker and...there you go...

    P.S. I say the Rock wrestles at Mania...
  18. :sandow:
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  19. I just know if we have to see Lesnar vs Taker or The Wyatts vs Taker ever again I just might.....

    Write a very dissatisfied post on here
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