News Kevin Owens Still Wants His Rematch for the WWE Universal Title

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  1. Kevin Owens mentioned on Twitter that he still hasn’t forgotten about his rematch for the Universal Championship after losing it back in March at the WWE Fastlane WWE. Owens commemorate his one-year anniversary of winning the title and said he hasn’t forgotten that he has yet to receive his shot at regaining the championship.

    One year ago today.
    It may not be my focus right now but trust me…
    I haven't forgotten about not getting a rematch for MY Universal Title.

    — Kevin Owens (@FightOwensFight) August 29, 2017

    With Owens currently on the SmackDown Live brand, that rematch may not happen anytime soon. However, there is rumored to be another “Superstar Shakeup” later this year and who knows, maybe he’ll get drafted back to RAW.

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  2. WTF?!?? Naw kid, you should have focused on that belt instead u wanted to pursue the United States Championship and get revenge on Jericho for distracting you against Goldberg. You ain't even on Raw anymore, you STUPID IDIOT!! :emoji_laughing::emoji_laughing::emoji_laughing: This guy......"'s been almost a year......I can't get my way and win the US title off AJ..........guess it's time for my rematch for the Universal title on Raw!! HERE I COME, Br....uh.....Brock?? Braun??........" :emoji_stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::emoji_stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::emoji_stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
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