News Kevin Owens Wants to Main Event WrestleMania Against Sami Zayn

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  1. Whiles speaking to The Shore, Kevin Owens talked about several topics and also mentioned that doesn’t enjoy working with AJ Styles at all, especially after he took his title.

    “Yeah, I don’t enjoy it at all actually. I’d rather never having to work with him again. He has my title, and I have to go after and it looks like we’re nowhere near done. Unfortunately, I have to step in the ring with him several more times. It’s part of what we do.”

    Owens also revealed that he feels Sami Zayn would be the perfect opponent for him if he ever main evented WrestleMania.

    “I feel like Sami Zayn. It would be such a great chapter to add to our story. We’ve been at each other’s throats and by each other’s sides simultaneously the last 15 years. It would be great to do something with him.

    “And also Finn Balor, who is my best friend. We got to the WWE the exact same time and didn’t know each other before hand. We had a bit of contact here and there before because we knew we both would spend time there. We bonded over that. Once we got to Orlando we’ve became very close quickly and getting to main event with him would be incredible. It would be another incredible chapter to our story. We both kind of dove in to uncharted territories, him from Japan and me from other places. We both did well for ourselves. To get to achieve that was very special.”

    You can check out the full interview here.

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  2. KO wanting to main event is no big deal, who doesn't, and of course he wants to do it with a friend

    The real news story is that he hates working with Styles, I wonder why
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  3. And I can just see Vince laughing while reading/hearing about this...

    There is only one guy Vince cares about being in the main event
    at Wrestlemania...and I think we all know who that this. isn't CM Punk...
  4. I'm doing it in my WWE 2K17 Universe Mode with Owens cashing in MITB at Royal Rumble and Zayn winning the Rumble..... And the Mania will be in Montreal.:y2j:

    one can dream
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  5. And no doubt a dream that would lead to a 5 star match...
    Never stop dreaming...

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