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Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Jun 2, 2013.

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    I sat down to watch this DVD last night and after watching it I can highly recommend it to any pro wrestling fan out there. It is a 2 disc set with disc one being an just over 2 hours. The interview covers Steen leaving ROH for 6 months after Final Battle 2010, his return and his entire title reign and all around it, like his volatile relationship with Jim Cornette, his feud with Richards, the Generico feud, ROH on HDNET vs ROH on Sinclair and how Steen structures his career. Very interesting and fun to watch.

    The second disc consists of some of the top matches from this run. Examples are Steen vs Jacobs, Steen vs Corino, Steen vs Generico's La Revancha match and many more.

    I highly recommend this DVD to any fan of Steen or a fan of wrestling over all that wants to peek into a wrestlers mind.
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  2. Sounds good, if I find some time I'll definitely check it out.
  3. Got a full match list? I'll give this a watch whilst waiting for Slammi.
  4. From Pwinsider's review:

  5. The Generico ladder match is worth the dvd by itself, thanks Not Hoss Rambler.
  6. I'll watch it someday
  7. Definitely a good watch, and I'll tell you the main thing I took from it. Steen to TNA isn't nearly as unlikely as people make it seem. He repeatedly said his next goal is to make a comfortable living wrestling, so if that happens to be TNA offering him the scratch he will wrestle for them.

    And who wouldn't want to see it?
  8. Watched 2 parts of it so far and am enjoying it a lot. Will finish after Slammiversary.
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