Ring of Honor Kevin Steen knocks out 1 fan and punches another.

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  1. Also here's a video of the aftermath of it.
  2. Shit I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.
  3. It's probably a work, however it wouldn't be the first time someone's been clocked for winding a worker up. A double did it at one point also.
  4. Think it's probably kayfabe but if it isn't I know they're differant companies but he should get sacked if AW got sacked for making a rape joke.
  5. If this is not kayfabe and plants, I'd fire his ass on the spot. Proffesional can't do this.
  6. Yeah, a little bit over the line if not a work.
  7. Surely a work. Steen's character is so badfuckinass
  8. Workkkk
  9. I hate myself for not having the time lately to follow ROH like I would like to. Steen is the best thing in wrestling
  10. HWD'Z, you haven't missed a damn thing.

    This is a work and a half.
  11. I'm waiting to see if Ring Of Honor releases a statement about the issue, Then I'll decide whether it's a work or real.
  12. What do you mean I haven't missed a thing? I watched ROH loving Steen and waiting for him to become champ and I stopped keeping up with it not long after he won. I'm missing Steen's reign, it sucks.

    And obviously it's a work, but it's a cool storyline for Steen
  13. Believe me, ROH (except Steen and Briscoes) is one BIG borefest and shitfest of Cornette's booking. Russo on his best days > todays ROHbot. Yeah, true. :cornette:
  14. Tbh, any fan chanting "this is awesome, this is wrestling, and holy shit" deserves to be punched in the face.


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  15. ^:goat: gif.
  16. Steen punches funny :3
  17. This. Cornette deserves his own face.

    Been watching for the last month, feel like I'm all caught up on RoH, and am really underwhelmed and unimpressed with the show, especially with how hyped it's been and all the good things I've heard about it. You haven't missed anything because the show just hasn't been very good.

    Oh, and very little Steen. He had a pretty good match with Mondo a few weeks ago and a few appearances here and there, but that's really all.
  18. Good to know it's a work after all. Weird one and desperate though, but what can you do? It is what it is in today's shitty ass ROH. LolCornette
  19. Cornett is so awesome. Hoping to see more of this soon, and how it goes down.
  20. Cornette? :eww: