Ring of Honor Kevin Steen the true best in the world?

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  1. I'm dissapointed in myself that this thread hasn't been made yet. I'm possibly the biggest fan of Mr Wrestling on this entire forum so I guess this write up will explain exactly why. Warning it will be very video heavy so grab some popcorn and enjoy it.

    Here first of all is a simple video of his top 10 moves :

    Notice firstly the raw athletism of the performer. There aren't many other men Steen's size who can perform 450 splashes and springboard moonsaults. Probably the most diverse and impressive moveset in the world of profesional wrestling today.

    So we've seen he's got a great move set but can he work a match? The definitive answer is a resounding yes. A few examples of his tag teaming with Generico alone are examples of that.


    So he's capable of good tag team matches but it's in singles matches were he really shines.

    Look at the way the taunts the crowd here they're eating out of his hand.


    This match is from 2005 he's evolved alot after this match but still I personally enjoy it.

    I'll admit this is the first time I've seen this match but I was impressed with it's quality so it's in there.

    A few examples of his mic skills :

    So the question I raise here is there anyone better then Steen currently? This thread is just break the ice so to speak he's had many good to great matches in 2011 which aren't even mentioned such as with Eddie Edwards and Fit Finlay amongst others.
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  2. Depends. People's interpretation of "Best Wrestler In The World" is so different. If you mean, pure wrestling ability then perhaps Steen is there. Judging from those videos of him he definitely looks like he'd hang with the Jericho's, Bryan's, Punk's and all those "Best Wrestlers". In terms of all round ability, I'd disagree. Let's compare him to Jericho. I much prefer Steen's moveset, the moves he does makes it look like the other wrestler is generally really hurt. Isn't that the point? 10/10 for that. But who would I rather watch? Jericho. I believe the charisma level, mic skills, star power, look & IT factor doesn't really sit with Steen like I'd want it too.

    I can't name a single wrestler right now who looks better than Steen, I've not seen hardly any of Steen's action but this thread alone has given me a nice insight. Some of the moves I've never seen done. How many would he be able to do in WWE though? His athleticism for a man who I'd bluntly put it looks like a typical every-night pub occupier is insane. You show me a picture of him and then say "He can perform the swanton bomb, 450 splash, moonsault and frogsplash" I'd laugh in your face. As for the "selling", he's not close to the level of Ziggler or Bryan in this category (sorry for only posting WWE examples here, trying to make sure everyone can relate). That's mainly down to his size though. His mic ability is above average, but that can be worked on. Would I like to see him in WWE? Hell yes. Do I think he's the best in the world? No, only because my perception of "Best in the world" isn't just based on wrestling-ability.

    Great thread by the way, I love these threads you do. Helps you learn more about the wrestlers you're obviously a big fan of, and who we're most likely going to see more of in the future.
  3. First of all thank you for replying.
    I agree with the Jericho point kind of but I'd class Steen has having the better look. It's because I judge people looking like they can legitimately fight as having a good look at not who is more aesthetically pleasing. I personally class Steen as having great crowd control and thus such in ring charisma he does draw me into his matches more then Jericho does who with his obvious spot calling really makes me struggle to make it realistic, which is vital from a match from my perspective.

    The only moves I see WWE limiting him with are the steenalizer, sleeper suplex and package piledriver. Possibly the pumphandle neckbreaker I'm unsure. If they brought him in as a babyface I could see them letting him go all out with the high flying. Imagine how much of a wow factor it would add. Regarding his selling it isn't the best I'll acknowledge that but he's the dominant monster he isn't needed to be a great seller.

    That seems to be were we differ you judge a wrestler as this total package I judge wrestling ability about 65% of what makes the best in the world. If we judge people as a whole I'd agree Jericho is the better package but with Steen being so young with so much ability already I see him as taking over AM Drag's mantle as the best wrestler in the world.
  4. Definitely see your point. I mean we've probably not seen a fully-committed Jericho in the ring, it's a shame WWE limit so many moves. They don't realize risky unseen moves get people over. Sin Cara, he was doing moves not seen for YEARS and was crazy-over before his look-a-like feud with Hunico. I'd love to see a full on Jericho wrestle again. Anyway, back to Steen. In my opinion his stature doesn't really make me see him as a monster, he's quite small isn't he? Yeah he's big but without a crazy gimmic like Umaga had I wouldn't buy into that.

    I'd say 60% of wrestling-ability goes into being the best in the world, that's my opinion. I'd put 20% down to mic skills/charisma and 20% to the look. Steen definitely has the potential to be the best in the world even with my harsh-attitude towards what makes the perfect star. Mic skills can be worked on as we've seen with Ziggler and Rhodes. He doesn't need any work on his wrestling-ability. His look can be changed with a gimmick, a simple crazy gimmick with a few extras in terms of wardrobe could do that. Hell, the fact we're even comparing him with Jericho, Bryan and Punk shows how good this kid is.
  5. It's more his actions that makes him a monster for me he's a real sicko. Like when he was licking the ladder during the generico match. He's a different kind of monster. A psychotic type who laughs while he's breaking your fingers. I too would love to see a full on Jericho again but could he do it anymore? I know he's in great shape but you've got to slow down eventually. I agree his look does need a bit of work I'm not sure what but the singlet deal with the shirts does scream indie-riffec like Punk's basketball shorts did. So as you say if he could solve that and build himself on the mic he could be the undisputed best active wrestler. The thing is aswell to be in the class you mention whilst only being 27 years old shows the talent he has.
  6. Definitely, that's what I'm crying out for. A psychotic heel like Boogeyman. Something so crazy... makes you cringe. Licking a ladder is gold to me, who has this sort of gimmick now? Closest we have to crazy is R-Truth and last night he didn't look intimidating at all with his high-voice little jimmy garbage (only garbage because now he listens to them). 27, that's crazy young for a guy that good. I really hope WWE do take the chance and sign him, he could start in the tag-division maybe with a high flying partner. "How can this fat goofball be with Sin Cara" (for example) then he does the exact same moves as what Cara can do.
  7. If it was up to me he'd team with Generico again and essentially redo the feud in the WWE after 2 years of teaming it could be the making of both of them.
  8. They'd officially revamp the tag-team division. That'd be so good.
  9. With Chris Hero & His Partner... lol.
  10. Do you mean Claudio Castognoli or what ever his wwe name is lol?
  11. Yes that's the one ^
  12. He's definitely one of the best in the world. Great character and impressive athlete. The way he incorporates his character and stories into his matches is simply fantastic, unrivaled in pro wrestling today.
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  13. I love Steen he's fantastic his moveset is phenomenal and his partnership then feud wit Generico were and always will be some of the greatest wrestling in any brand ever!

    See big things for this guy in the future!
  14. How old is he?
  15. @[Crayo] 27
  16. Wow, so young for this bizz.
  17. Plus he's been wrestling for 10 + years already.