Kevin Steen to WWE maybe?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, May 28, 2014.

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  1. Wasn't even aware of this but apparently there has been a decent amount of Kevin Steen to the WWE rumors flying around the internet as of late.
    CSS Article on it here.
    WrestleZone update on the rumor.

    Apparently he said something on his podcast or whatever you want to call it that sparked the rumors, seems he may jump the ROH ship.

    Hypothetically if it did happen would you guys be excited or do you think this is a bad move for either party?

    Personally I think he would be a decent addition, he's someone that can draw a decent buzz imo.​

  2. I've heard about him for awhile but still haven't bothered to check out any of his work, so I'm completely neutral. Given that he's coming from Ring Of Honor though, I'm skeptical - if he like most of the charisma vacuums that come from that place, or is he one of the rare exceptions?
  3. Rare exceptions. Steen is a very good worker but can also cut great promos and can connect very well with any crowd.

    Anyway, as far as the rumors go, I think there's a pretty good chance. Not only has he put Cole and Nakamura over clean at Global Wars/War of the Worlds, but he also hinted he'd leave in the promo he cut on that very same show and he has also dropped a ton of weight. I can only assume he's leaving given his booking and his weight loss.
  4. Don't worry he has charisma unlike ROH shitheads such as Punk or Dick Butt.
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  5. Steen is actually more known for his ability to speak than his work rate. Which is still good.

    Plus WWE could use a fatty that flips
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  6. Yeah I'd be intrigued to see him work for the WWE, I haven't watched much ROH as of recent other than Global Wars and War of the Worlds but before that I was always down for Steen on the mic, even with mediocre production value for sound I feel Steen had a great voice one that would definitely have potential to stand out in the WWE also to add he definitely didn't seem like a slouch in the ring any time I've seen him.
  7. For similar reasons why Samoa Joe (whom Stone Cold loves) would've likely flopped at he signed with the 'E' in 2006
    Or for similar reasons why mods on this forum prefer Uncensored D'Z vs Mod D'Z
    To modify or censor Kevin Steen would be criminal, so I'd rather he stay away from the sponsor slurping political BS of WWE
    Steen isn't a perfect package, so allowing him to retain his usual flavor would be a quality move
    Unlike most talent, Steen can give heated promos leading to better WrestleMania builds

    Unfortunatey, Steen's 'gimmick' has a short shelf life leading WWE to basically sterilize him

    Edit: For the record, Joe is no Steen. Steen has the mouth Brock Lesnar should have had
  8. These rumours have been around awhile now. Like Steen as a performer but feel like his moveset would take a serious hit to suit the WWE style. I mean the package piledriver as his finisher would no doubt be gone which then wouldn't be Steen.
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