News Kevin Steen's possible WWE name

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  1. WWE applied to trademark "Kevin Owens" as a character name for a professional wrestler on 10/24. The word we are hearing is that will be Kevin Steen's official ring name in NXT and WWE.

    Owens may be derived from the name of Steen's son.

    Source: PWInsider

    Owens doesn't quite have a catch to it like Steen does, but we can still call him Kevin. Fight Kevin Fight doesn't sound like a bad chant.
  2. Meh. It's pretty cheesy.

    They should've let him keep his real name, same thing goes for Devitt and Kenta.
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  3. Cheesy? For real.

    And WWE's policy of changing talent names is fully understandable. They have been burned far too many times.

    Besides, it's not like KENTA or Prince Devitt were big names in the states to begin with.
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  4. Yeah, cheesy.

    Well, see, I don't give a damn about WWE's policy of changing talent names.

    Kevin Steen sounds a helluva lot better than Kevin bloody Owens.
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  5. well you won't be working in the WWE talent department :otunga:

    Well Owens obviously sounded better to Steen. Since he picked it if this rumor is true.
  6. You won't be either :happy:

    I hope it's not true. So, a talent picks their name, no matter how shitty it may sound and WWE just green lights it? That's kinda lame.
  7. You haven't seen my resume :dawg:

    And yeah. The talent makes a list of names. He and creative in NXT sit down and cull the list down a bit. The talent picks 4 favorites and then they together pinpoint the final name.

    That's how Chris Hero described it. Creative has some input. But it is the talent that comes up with the names.
  8. Yeah, I know how that stuff works. But it's kinda lame that they don't put much effort into it. It's like they don't really care all that much. But whatever...
    After seeing Balor perform in WWE for a while, I'll get used to his new name, I won't even remember the name he used before. That's how great he is. Hopefully that happens with Steen, as well.

    Chris Hero's NXT name was horrendous, btw.
  9. This happens whenever a new name gets revealed.

    The internet was in an uproar when Rollins was named Rollins and was close to killing itself when Moxley became Ambrose.
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  10. Guess that's true.

    But Moxley and Black chose perfect names, imo. Rollins and Ambrose are just awesome, imo. I don't have an issue with those, at all.

    Sami Zayn is also a cool name. Glad he's unmasked now. Not really a fan of masked luchadors.
  11. You should have seen the uproar when they removed the mask.
  12. Was it that bad? lol
  13. "They killed him! They god damn killed him!"

    About that bad
  14. LMFAO
  15. Kassius Ohno was a awesome name, sounds like a 70's pimp. I prefer Steen over Owens but Steen will get over regardless.
  16. Would've been better if the name was Owen Steen, tbh... Not a fan of Owens as a last name.
  17. That would mean him signing over the name of his son to the WWE.
  18. Well, since he wanted to pay tribute to his boy in the first place...
  19. Came into this thread expecting Spot to be like "come on guys names don't matter!"

    leave satisfied
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