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    Former WWE Superstar Kevin Thron broke down the dollars and cents behind a true WWE salary compared to what an established veteran can make by working with smaller promotions:

    "There [were] guys that were just starting when I was there because they weren’t being used, but theywere brought to TVs two nights, so they had to pay hotel, rent a car, food while they’re there, and everything else, and they’re only making $500, $600 a week because they’ve already blown through their downside. So with taxes and everything else, guys are getting $75,000 to $150,000 downsides. By the time you pay taxes, your road expenses, and everything else, really and truly, you’re only making $40,000, $35,000. So what’s the point?"

    He is speaking on the terms of someone like Matt Hardy returning to WWE. So the average pay ranged from $75,000 to $150,00 per year. He says that after paying your way for traveling expenses and taxes you are left with about half to less than half of what you make. I am sure there has to be something missing here. I can't see someone that shows up at every Raw, every ppv, AND does house shows only bringing home $40,000 when all things are said and done. If this were true, I doubt a lot of the wrestlers would stay for as many years as they have. He must be missing something. Like what about merch sales? If I read correctly, they all get a cut of their own merch sales, something like 15% I think.

    What do you guys think? Is this all they really make or do you think Kevin is a bit outdated with his statistics?

    EDIT: I just realized he is speaking of veterans (what? I'm tired!) but still, this seems low to me.
  2. Can't imagine 40k being take home after that.
  3. Sounds about right for the average wrestler, the big names make more obviously.
  4. It's about right for what a lower card guy makes in WWE. Daniel Bryan himself has said that until he got an actual push he actually lost money by going to the WWE, since he made more as an independent guy running his own schedule. Once you get a push and earn stakes in your merchandise if you have any that obviously changes. But being a WWE wrestler is not glamorous.

    But to answer Solid's question on why people stay: It is a steady paycheck. Which is hard to come by in wrestling. You know that every month you have X amount of dollars rolling into the bank. Which is much easier compared to the hustle and bustle of being an independent guy. You could probably make more on the indies, but it involves a lot more work. And that's not something every wrestler is willing to put in once they have a taste of steady pay.

    And a lot of talent can supplement their incomes with side gigs once they have WWE's approval, which doesn't seem that hard to get. Summer Rae does a lot of fashion shows/fashion work. Jack Swagger has a side business with his wife I believe, Charlie Haas ran a spa and still does to this day. And one of the referees owns a donut shop. These are just off the top of my head. Hell. The Undertaker supplemented his income by running a real estate/house renovation company for years.
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  5. Undertaker sold houses!? :shock:

    And I think this was directed solely at vets so like the Headbangers for example. I think he was talking in means of it not being worth it for older guys/vets to come back.
  6. Still does. He and business partner Scott Everhart run a real estate investment company. They invest in house construction and then sell for profit.

    Here's a building they built in Loveland, Colorado as an example:
    Show Spoiler

    Kane runs a insurance company with his wife for another example.
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  7. That is actually pretty cool :obama:
  8. IIRC WWE tried to get the hardyboys back but they were making more in the indies for less work as a full tie wrestler is on the road for 300 days a year.

    Its the travel costs that add up accommodation for example. Hard to have a normal/family life.
  9. Eh, 40k doesn't sound like much in this case.
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