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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Feb 11, 2014.

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  1. I'm pretty sure there isn't an official thread for this I searched the forums for it using the Title keyword.
    Anyway does anyone watch this freaking show?!
    I just got my Season 1 DVD in the mail today and I'm re-watching it, I love this show soo much very Dave Chappelle like vibe from it.. Honestly Dave Chappelle should do a guest appearance on it in the future, it would probably get such a great reception!

    These guys are some of the funniest men on television at the moment and I think people should give them a watch if they haven't, they have season 2 & 3 on Hulu for those of you that watch WWE shows on that.

    Some of my favorite skits off the top of my head are the East & West Coast Superbowl.. (1st & 2nd one they did in the 3rd season) here is the original..

    Inner City Substitute Teacher (also 1st & 2nd one they did in the 3rd season. Here is the original one..

    Meegan (1 & 2)

    I'll let other ppl share some but those are just some of my top favorites that I can think of immediately without rewatching the rest of my DVD and then rewatching the other two seasons.
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  2. hahaha I havent seen those ones b4 ive only seen a handful of episodes prlly not even from the same ssn but from what ive seen so far I like the show a lot I usually stream the WWE shows but I might get hulu for a bit just to watch the show cuz they were renewed for a 4th season i'm seeing
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  3. Hellz yeah they did!
    They're quite the comedy tag team, my guess is they'll go on for 3 more seasons, I think Comedy Central likes them a lot. Although there were a decent amount of "follow-up or sequel" skits from the first/second season they still had quite the number of original skits that were pretty damn funny
  4. They're great and really original. The first east west bowl is definitely my favorite.
  5. Ive seem some of thier vids, a few of my friends are always watching them. I like a few of their vids a lot are crap tho lol.
  6. hit or miss, but the hits are really good. my favorites are also the east/west bowl and the inner city sub

    oh and this one

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  7. I liked this one a lot for some reason idk it just cracked me up..
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  8. BAHAHAA! I totally forgot about that one! the first time that one came on I was laughing my ass off
  9. No mention of Hingle McCringleberry?

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  10. definitely 3 pumps lmao
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  11. Lol I mentioned the East/West bowl in the first post but yeah that one is great too with him specifically haha.
  12. NOICE. Love this show.
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  13. Lol :emoji_slight_smile:

  14. new one from the offseason of their sketches
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