Kharma a "drug addict" according to Reby Sky

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Senhor Perfect, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. Women just can't get along :lol1:
  2. If there is one thing women hate, it is women
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  3. Reby Sky deserves every piece of shit that she gets imo. She's a prime example of how blowing the right people is more important than anything else for a female wrestler and is setting back a lot of female wrestlers in the process. Also, I don't think that Kong would have a problem calling Reby a ho to her face, it's not as if she would do anything about it.
  4. Yeah I read this moments ago, and I don't think Kharma is a drug addict all, but Kharma did make a good put in that shoot.



    Maybe Reby was put her on blast, and that was the best comeback she had in her head lol.
  5. Don't really care about what Reby Sky says tbh. I would care if Matt said it...
  6. All i can focus on are the giant jelly rolls shaking while on the first gif.
  7. *TNA Jesus chimes in*

    It's Awesome Kong, not Kharma.
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