Kharma Addresses Departure

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Extraterrestrial, Dec 7, 2012.

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  1. - The former Kharma, Awesome Kong, addressed her departure from WWE and other topics in a podcast interview with "So it’s time to dissect the last couple of years and get to the truth of a lot of speculation and rumours. We talk getting back in the ring at SHINE and Florida Underground (both teaming with Jazz) a couple of weekends ago and how that return came about. We talk endorsements from Jim Ross and Steve Austin leading to meetings with John Laurinatis leading to her dream job. Is it fair to call her a Triple H Project? We talk the first meeting with Vince McMahon, and the Kharma name (and more to the point, discover a rejected alternate name!), and what the initial plans were for her push. We talk acceptance into the Diva locker room, and the reaction to her pregnancy. Seen her wrestling ring-shaped engagement ring? Now hear the *true* story of how her fiancé popped the question. Stew and Kong compare how many Royal Rumbles each of them have been in, and we talk about the great personal tragedy in Kong’s life around that time and how various things contributed to her eventual WWE release. We discuss the oft-reported story that Layla was a last minute replacement for Kharma at Extreme Rules 2012 and how aware she was of the growing interest in a match with Beth Phoenix. From there it’s a discussion of future plans both at home and abroad to wrap up the episode."
  2. I felt bad for her that she lost her baby. :downer:
  3. I know that feel. :downer:
  4. Kharma could of been so good for the divas division but I guess we will never know now

    Also I wanted to know where this thing with Kharma/Kelly Kelly was going as Kharma was stalking Kelly Kelly at ring side but never did anything to her
  5. She was/is a powerhouse wrestler. Its a shame she never got a chance to get going in the wwe. I woulda loved to see her vs Beth or Nat
  6. Her vs Beth in a none WWE match would interest me
  7. When that interview is released someone should put it on here. i'm too lazy to enter web addresses. I'm interested in what went wrong with Kharma because i honestly can not come up with 1 logical reason for her to be fired from WWE.
  8. Re: RE: Kharma Addresses Departure

    I think it was something to do with them wanting her to drop weight or some shit (note I may have made this up as i cba to google)
  9. This was devastating but for whatever reasons it jus seemed doomed from the start.
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