Kharma has been released [TMZ]

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 12, 2012.

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  2. Double thread
  3. So sad had so much potential but looks like its gone now D;
  4. This has the news report, will close other thread and link to this :boss1:
  5. Such an ego maniac, even reposes he claims as his own. On topic I hope she goes back to TNA squashed Assmacher and feuds with Gail again.
  6. As I said seems a stupid move by WWE and is blatantly due to the maternity time she has had off after being a recent signing.
  7. :okay: :emoji_slight_frown:

    I'm hoping it's just a work as she genuinely made me care about the divas division.
  8. I hope so too tbh, her being a female Punk as she's so far away from the barbie mould could make women's wrestling feel special for the first time ever.

    Fucking IPODS.
  9. Amount of times Seabs owns Crayo!
  10. I own him so he hates me then make him laugh so he falls madly in love with me again.
  11. Completely agreed. Plus, her vs Beth was on the cards too :emoji_slight_frown:.

    It's despicable isn't it?


    I can't hate you though, I just love less. Own me again and you'll be out the fave 5 as fast as Randy was kicked out of grammar school.
  12. Slight subject swerve but hell yes just noticed Crayo's fave five! I made someones! :yay:
  13. Hey I'm part of it too :boss1: and now the diva's division is getting deeper into the hole. :shovel:
  14. Extremely disappointed
  15. I'm more surprised Xabth is out of it tbh.
  16. Did it because he won't notice and I needed a space lol.
  17. :dafuq: :annoyed: :no: :facepalm1: :finger:

    Reminds me of TNA releasing Roxxi.
  18. Screw you Vince firing a women that could of actually saved the divas division. Also firing a women whos baby died at birth wow and I thought WWE was a family friendly company
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