Kharma Returning To WWE?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Mar 12, 2013.

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  2. Creative might not have anything for her though.
  3. Well WWE obviously offered the Bellas a large amount to come back since they're divas division is lacking, but I don't see how they'll help. Not sure if Kharma would come back either just to take them out, but it would be nice to see for mania....very nice.
  4. I think it's crazy how no one knew about the bellas returning. Usually I know a week or two in advance when someone returns.

    Anyways, I hope Kharma gives us a good 1 year run or something.
  5. They are dating two WWE stars. They could easily have played it off as visiting John and Daniel.
  6. :pity: Should have known
  7. Kharma would eat the rest of the divas division alive. They would have to let her wrestle men like Chyna used to do.
  8. Yeah. None of the current roster would even come close. Maybe Natalya would put up a pretty valiant fight for bit, otherwise, lolnope.
  9. She would even eat Chyna alive.

    I just remembered she knocked out Bubba The Love Sponge in real life back when she was Awesome Kong in TNA.
  10. Isn't Chyna a lot smaller now? Not really sure, lol.
  11. The divas division is a complete joke. The only matches they have that are good are all at house shows. Either bring in new talent or let it go. Bringing back the bellas isn't going to make it any better. Karma would make a difference but who knows how much.
  12. Eh, anyone one of the Divas has the potential to shake up and revolutionize the division. It's only the fact if WWE would actually let them be perceived that way. But nah. It's tits and ass from here on in.
  13. I agree... Its all about looks and not wrestling. Forget the fake tans, fake hair and gobs of make-up... I am sure some of them can wrestle pretty damn good but we wont ever witness it in these corny >3 minute matches they put on. I want to see wrestling, not "cat fights"! lol
  14. Wouldn't hurt at all, since they're not dropping the division every help is necessary.
  15. ^This. You're right Britannica. They don't get enough time to showcase their talent or they aren't booked properly. Remember that Aksana vs Kaitlyn match. Aksana only did the headlock over and over again. At that point I thought she can't wrestle and they had that match just for storyline purposes. But recently in NXT, I watched a Aksana vs Emma match. Guess what, not only was her moveset good, but her finisher was an impressive Spinebuster. WOW.
  16. They need to give the diva's matches at least 10 minutes each show. This will greatly improve their division. As far as I can see, most of them can't wrestle because they do one or two moves and thats it! They don't have time to do anything in under 3 minutes.
  17. I once read a Michelle McCool interview. In that interview, she said that though they are willing to do big moves, they aren't allowed to. Michelle and Melina in one of their matches did a Barricade bump. I think it was a DDT on a Barricade or a clothesline? Can't remember. In that interview, she said that they were warned after the match that "the Divas aren't supposed to do such things!"
    As for the duration of the Divas match. Yes. They can easily fit in a 10 minute Divas match instead of showing the Raw Rebound over and over again.
  18. The women's division in wwe will never be anything outside of t&a if they don't let them wrestle! Thats bs!
  19. Means nothing, she's trolled us on Twittah before.
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