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  1. Kharma ‏@Kharma
    So excited about getting new gear! Gotta look fierce for my return to tv. It seems like its been a 'lifetime'

    Could she be returning to WWE this would be awesome she could finally get her revenge on those Bella twins for how they mocked her and her baby
  2. Meh, i like her but the division is shit
  3. Would be nice to see her return.
  4. Nooooo I hate Kharma.
  5. Meh, never a fan of Kong
  6. I doubt they'd replay that angle of the Bella twins making fun of her and her baby considering its dead. However, especially with this all Divas show, it'd be great for her to return.
  7. The women's area definitely needs more variety. You look at the men's and they have all shapes, heights, builds, ect. Women's its just either skinny short, skinny tall or Kaitlyn.
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  8. I hope not. It generated some buzz the first time but due to some unfortunate circumstances things didn't work out. I don't think they can recapture the momentum she had and it would just fall flat.
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  9. could you imagine her jobbing to AJ? It would happen. She should go to where the grass is greener.
  10. I didn't think of that... :eww:
  11. Well, her perfect role would be coming in and squashing AJ for the Diva's Championship (I'm picturing a Chyna squashing Ivory scenario from 2001, only about 250 pounds heavier) but it's too early for AJ to lose the title so I'm not sure if she should be brought in yet. Maybe they could put her in a preliminary role first as someone's body guard. Like Chyna, she could make a believable female body guard for someone (Maddox, etc.)
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  12. Should have a love angle with Big E.
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  13. :eww: :wtf::why::dafuq::((:cry::silva::goatface::idk::park::happy:
  14. If by angle you mean sex expo, I concur!
  15. :dafuq: :no: :no: :no: :no:
  16. There really isn't anything for her to do, and like Aids said she'd most likely end up jobbing to AJ and probably The Bellas too. :meh:
  17. If she is returning to the E then I think it's a good thing. The Diva's Division needs something other than AJ or Kaitlyn, I think.
  18. Don't bother after that Total Divas segment on MizTV the Divas are dead.
  19. DIvas is dead, jut go and be a Knockout again
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