News Kharma to return to WWE?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Sep 26, 2013.

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  2. Meh, I like fat Awesome Kong. Skinny Kharma just doesn't seem the same.
  3. Agree with Dolphmeister. Wrestling NEEDS some fatties, I know it's better for her health and all, but do I really care....:nope:
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  4. wrestling in general is terrible for your health

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  5. Anyone got an updated picture of her?

  6. [​IMG]

    for my hard work you should ban BLFFL
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  7. Argh, wtf is that? Hopefully she can wear some big ass body armour to at least SEEM as scary as she was.
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  8. yea now she's like some 1970s mom who is mid life crisis-ing and so she tries to go out and become disco queen
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  9. Fear the furry boots! I know Britanica is scared.
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  10. Doesn't show though, her expression is permanently duck face.
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  11. I wanna see Kharma destroy the Bellas like she promised when she would return
  12. Agree with Dolph`s , she needs to be fat
  13. Holy cow she looks different!

  14. :youdontsay:
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  15. I didn't see SHINE 12, but at SHINE 11, she still had the same outfit she had when she was Kharma :dafuq: You might've took an out of context pic, Dolph's, lol.

    But I can't wait to see her back. She does wonderfually in SHINE/SHIMMER every month. Not enough fat chicks on the main roster. :win:
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  16. Yes. I'm ready for the return of the big chocolate mama.
  17. We need some taste of Kharma again, will rock up the Diva system.
  18. Funniest shit I've ever heard. Good one, Kong.
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  19. Fat people are funny people... remember Josh Peck from 'Drake and Josh'... the show where iCarly got her start?... Guy was funny as f*** till he lost weight

    Jonah Hill. who could forget 'Superbad'.... he was a funny fat a**... then he became a skinny d***wad

    The world needs fat people.... I need fat people... they may smell..... they may not... but they're funny and they make ME feel better about myself
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